Samsung Smartphones with 200MP Camera Sensor Coming Soon


The smartphone camera has improved a lot in these recent years. From the start of the first phones with cameras in the year 2000 to today, they’ve gone from a megapixel camera to 108 megapixels in 20 years. Now, Samsung is planning to launch a smartphone with a 200MP Camera Sensor later this year. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer has been working on plenty of new ISOCELL camera sensors for a long time. Although we’re very far from the launch from the much-hyped 600 MP sensor, Samsung is reportedly ready to lunch a phone with a 200MP Camera Sensor later this year. 

Samsung is one of the most innovative names in the smartphone industry. Especially in the smartphone camera department, it is leading the way in recent years.  In 2019 Samsung introduced a 108 MP Commercial smartphone camera in collaboration with Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi. There wasn’t any upgrade in the camera sensors in 2020 but finally, Samsung is ready to launch its much-anticipated flagship sensor. 

What to expect from the 200MP Camera sensor?

Although more megapixels don’t necessarily mean better quality photos. An increase in megapixels definitely leads to improvement in the photos. An increase in megapixels comes with extra features like improved low-light functionality, super-fast autofocus, and optical image stabilization for steady capture. With more megapixels, we can manipulate many things from shutter speed to white balance, focus, and ISO without compromising on the quality ensuring every detail. An increase in the size of the image sensor helps to capture more light which in turn grabs every detail of the object. 

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Although the size of the image captured from this sensor is significantly higher. Samsung’s 200-megapixel sensor would solve the problem of losing detail in zoom shots, even in 4K and  8K recording.


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