DishHome is All Set to Launch 200 Mbps Fiber Internet


After starting the trend of digital broadcast and Providing DTH TV service for more than a decade, DishHome expanded its service to the Nepalese Internet service sector just a year ago. In such a short span of time, it has been able to connect thousands of remote Nepalese households to the internet. With the increase in overall Internet usage, people have been demanding faster and more stable residential internet for years now. DishHome is ready to address this issue and launch 200 Mbps Fiber internet for the general public soon. 

The 200 Mbps Fiber Net is in its final stage of launch!

DishHome claimed that the preparation of the 150-200 Mbps package is in the final stage and will be launched within few months. The disruptive introduction of CGnet with sensational 120 Mbps internet at an affordable price has not just awared the Nepalese Internet subscribers but also significantly increased the benchmark for existing ISPs.  DishHome is the one who is most affected among the existing ISPs with the commencement of CG internet. And the launch of 200 Mbps fiber internet at an affordable price could be a perfect response. 

This week DishHome successfully completed a merger with Prabhu TV significantly boosting its customer base as well as internet subscribers. DishHome believes the introduction of 200 Mbps fiber internet for the first time in Nepal will provide a competitive advantage as well as further strengthen its market growth in the coming days. The company has already announced an exclusive 25Mbps fiber internet offer for just Rs.233 for existing DishHome customers and rapidly expanding its coverage areas inside the country.

To provide such high-speed internet DishHome has already signed an agreement to import its internet bandwidth through an Indian reseller. And, it is likely to end its bandwidth reliance on Ncell. The internet package will be customizable. The customers can choose 150-200 Mbps with which will come with an affordable price range.


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