CellPay Nepal: Make Payments Directly from Bank Accounts


CellPay Nepal is an NRB licensed payment service. It is Nepal’s first mobile payment system which doesn’t require wallet and operates through website and application. All you need is a bank account; then you are all set to use this payment app for real-time transactions. Bill payments for electricity, water, internet, cable TV also merchant payments at restaurants, retail stores, and e-commerce sites are possible through this app. All you have to do is signup, link banks and make payments. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

CellPay Nepal

How is CellPay Different from Other Digital Wallets?

All the digital wallets in Nepal till now have their own transaction system. You need to load money into these separate wallets from your banks and then you can perform payments. However, CellPay saves you from all the hassles related to payment as it requires no card or wallet; all you need is a bank account, you can pay directly from the bank accounts. They follow globally accepted security mechanisms with every transaction for safety and security purposes. You can transfer funds to your friends and family easily using their cell number and their bank account gets credited through the banks instantly.

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CellPay serves through the following banks till now:

  1. Century Bank
  2. Citizens Bank
  3. Everest Bank
  4. Himalayan Bank
  5. Kumari Bank
  6. Mega Bank
  7. NIC ASIA Bank
  8. Nepal Bangladesh Bank
  9. Nepal Investment Bank
  10. NIC Asia Bank
  11. Kamanasewa Bikas Bank
  12. Muktinath Bikas Bank
  13. ICFC Finance

Major Features

  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Link many bank accounts and make payments with the help of your bank account.
  • Scan QR codes and pay through cell pay.
  • Flexible to use as it is available in Nepali as well as the English language.
  • Loyalty point: a reward scheme that’ll let you earn points.
  • Low fee structures to make your transactions economical.

CellPay Offers

  • Each person will receive a top-up of Rs.100 for free once the user links with their bank account.
  • You will receive a 10% loyalty bonus on your first payment transaction
  • You can get up to 3% discount on every top-up and utility payment

CellPay has so much to offer to its users and the only thing you need to do to enjoy the benefits and get the offers mentioned above by downloading this app and linking it to your bank account. If zero hassle and many features are what you want, then you need to download CellPay.

Platforms available:

It is available in Android, iOS as well as web.


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