Bugv: Nepal’s First Bug Bounty Platform


Cynical Technology Pvt. Ltd. has officially launched Nepal’s first Cyber Security platform ‘Bugv’. Bugv gives the right platform to ethical hackers wanting to increase their skills in the field of cybersecurity.

What is Bug Bounty?

In short, Bug Bounty is a way in which companies reward independent security researchers/ ethical hackers who report bugs found in the platform developed by the company. These Bugs are usually those faults and vulnerabilities on the system which are related to security issues.

About Bugv

Bugv: Nepal's First Bug Bounty Platform 1

BugV is a platform that connects security researchers and companies. Companies can register their product on BugV platform where they can decide the prize on their own, depending on the nature of the bug. Bugv aims to register Nepali products along with foreign developed products on its platform.

Can you join?

If you are above 18 years of age, regardless of where you live, you can register on its platform. There are no charges while registering yourself as the platform user but you should compulsorily disclose your residency and citizenship to register yourself on the platform.

How to use?

Bugv: Nepal's First Bug Bounty Platform 2

If you are an ethical hacker, after registering yourself on the platform, you have to find a bug on the product listed/registered by various companies on the Bugv platform. Registering yourself as an ethical hacker is absolutely free on Bugv platform. Unlike ethical hackers, if you are a company willing to register your product on Bugv platform, you can request a free demo.

To claim the reward, the security researcher should visit the Cynical Technology Pvt. Ltd. office. If the security researcher qualifies for the reward as per the terms and policy of the platform. The reward will be provided as mentioned by the product-owning company after deduction of the amount that is payable to the Government of Nepal or Inland Revenue Department of Nepal.

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Registering yourself as an ethical hacker in this platform and pointing out bugs on any of the listed products can get you rewarded for a minimum of $25 to as high as $200 according to the nature of bugs found. Companies can also get benefitted by letting many of the security researchers test their product and find any security vulnerabilities available, through the platform.


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