Banking System has been Hacked in Nepal, Most Bank’s ATM is not Working


The ATM and Mobile Banking services of most of the Nepalese Bank has been closed. Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) confirmed that the ATM server of NIC Asia and Prabhu Bank was down. Due to this reason, another bank’s server is also affected.

People are having problems with the withdrawal of their cash from the ATM. The reason behind this is estimated to be the hack into the banking system to withdraw (steal) money from the ATMs.

Nepal Police says, a system related to the visa card of the banking system has been hacked which is affecting the whole scenario of the hacks. According to some sources, the banking system created by an organization called Nepal Electronic Payment System (NEPS) is used by 12-13 banks which are affected by the hack.

Almost all the ATMs and Mobile Banking services are affected by the hacks while another banking system except NEPS is somehow unaffected.

Nepal Rastra Bank has confirmed that the ATM server of NIC Asia and Prabhu Bank is down. Lakshmi Prapan Niraula said, “Apart from this, there have been problems with other banks and efforts are being to resolve them.”

Although police arrested five Chinese citizens who were involved in the hack from the Durbar Marg Road area, the problem of the system is yet to be fixed.

Police said, “Due to Yesterday’s operation, lots of money has been saved from being stolen.” This is a huge success by the Nepal Police. 

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