Accurate TWS HX-03 Review: Best Budget TWS Earbuds in Nepal


Accurate is a mid-range Nepalese smartphone accessory brand aiming to provide quality products at an affordable cost. Whenever you face the dilemma of emptying your entire savings for something from a branded company or compromising on the quality for something from your local electronics store to cut your pocket some slack, Accurate is going to be there for you now selling its high-quality products at a very good price tag.

It has recently launched its own Accurate True Wireless EarBuds (TWS) in Nepal at an amazing price of just Rs. 3,199 in two color variants Black and White. What’s more amazing is that it has maintained its promise of providing us a ONE-year warranty on the buds just like on all its other products which have a varying warranty from 6 months to one year.  The buds is now officially available on Daraz and at all accurate offline partners across Nepal.

Accurate True Wireless Earbuds Review

I have had the luxury of using the buds for about 10 days now and here’s my honest verdict about Accurate True Wireless EarBuds.

Unboxing: Accurate True Wireless Earbuds

I actually liked its packaging a lot. You get the buds, power case, manual and charging cable in the box.

Accurate TWS HX-03 Review: Best Budget TWS Earbuds in Nepal 2

Build and Ease of Use:

The build quality seems very compact, sturdy and premium for its price tag. Both the buds and their case are glossy, smooth and made of plastic. They are slightly prone to fingerprints. The case is small and light-weight and can easily fit into your pocket for ease of carrying. The satisfying magnetic clicking of the case’s lid is like a stress reliever making me want to open and close it all the time.

Accurate TWS HX-03 Review: Best Budget TWS Earbuds in Nepal 3

The type-C port for charging the case is on its left side and the front face has the battery indicator which shows the number of times the buds can be fully charged from 0 to 100 as per the number of blue circles remaining. There’s also a button above the indicator which pressed once shows the battery level and when long pressed turns off the blue circle indicators. Though the buds have no ear nozzle cover and are open as the first Apple Air-pods, they fit perfectly on most people’s ear and rarely fall out.

For me, I swear the fit was better than that of the OnePlus Bullets wireless 2 that I reviewed a few weeks before. Since the buds are so light-weight and easy on the ear, I sometimes forget they are even there if the music’s not playing. So better keep them in the case as soon as you stop listening to anything.

Each of the buds has a green indicator, which flickers quickly while in pairing mode and flickers only every few seconds after being paired. For pairing, all you have to do is take the buds out of the case and search for “HX03” on your desired device and press connect. Even though the buds support Bluetooth 5.0, I found the pairing to be a few seconds slower after taking the buds out of the case. Also, both the earbuds have touch support and you can try the following on either of the buds. Press and hold the touch key for 10 seconds to reset the system if you are unable to connect or play any sound on the buds. Touch once to Play/Pause the music and Answer/Decline a call. Touch and hold for 3-4 seconds to summon your default all-mighty voice assistant. Double-tap on the left bud to go to the previous sound and double-tap on the right to go to the next sound.

Performance and Battery:

Since the high-quality audio transmission isn’t supported here, this isn’t for audiophiles but for normal consumers like me and you. Considering the price tag, I found the sound quality to be pretty good. The bass is better than the highs and lows. When the audio track has an insane mix of instrumentals and vocals, I found the vocals being overshadowed by the music due to bad audio separation. The 13mm drivers on the buds get pretty loud but have minor distortion at the highest volumes. The buds have zero noise cancellation and you can even hear your friends whispering beside you if you focus but despite all that, I warn you not to turn the volume all the way up while the buds are in your ear. You might destroy your eardrums. Leave the testing to the professionals said no reviewer ever.

Accurate TWS HX-03 Review: Best Budget TWS Earbuds in Nepal 4

The best part of the buds is being able to use only one of them at a time while keeping the other in charge. Even though the microphone quality for calls isn’t that good and clear, I am forced to acknowledge the fact that both the buds have a microphone for hands-free calls so you can choose any you want. Here’s a sample of the audio quality from the buds’ microphone during a call.

I tested the buds for about 10 days and this is my personal backup test. Please don’t attack me in the comments if the backup isn’t the same on yours after months of usage. The buds have a great battery life of around 4 hours of music playback and around 3 hours on phone calls. They get fully charged from 0 to 100 in the case in just under an hour and it can be done 4 times until the battery on the case dies but no worries as the case take less than about 2 hours to completely fill its empty belly. The best part for me is that the case has USB-type C which is the future now and since there’s no fast charging, a simple 5W charger will do the work of charging the case.

Verdict: Is it worth Rs. 3,199?

Okay now, I have to be absolutely honest here as most Nepalese consumers are going to be skeptical about the device after seeing the ‘Made in China’ label on the device’s box. So, I can assure you along with the warranty provided that the device is very good for its price tag and also unlike the Accurate Neckband’s Chinese voice prompts, the voice prompts from the buds here such as “Power On”, “Connected” are all in English with a beautiful lady’s voice.  Being totally satisfied with this product, now, I am eagerly waiting for newer products to use from Accurate as it fits my expectations and budget.


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