5 anti-theft apps that prevent you from losing your phone


We’ve all heard stories of phones being stolen. When you lose your phone, you also lose your data and your personal information will be at risk. One step that we can take towards securing our Android smartphone from theft is installing an anti-theft app. These apps are a must-have to help users protect their phones from theft. In this article, I’ll show you the top 5 anti-theft apps for Android phones. Be prepared to protect your phone from thieves with these awesome apps!

1. Find My Device

Find my Device is android’s built-in security option but it can be used as a separate app. Created by Google, this app helps you to sign out of your device, remotely lock your phone and even wipe its content. You can also locate your phone on a map as long as it is connected to the internet. This app enables you to write a lock screen message which your device shows until you manually disable it. 

2. Anti-theft alarm

Anti-theft alarm claims to be the only Anti-theft alarm application on the play store whose alarm can’t be stopped by simply closing the app. The alarm will trigger in certain situations which you can set up at the time of installation. You can choose to activate the alarm when someone removes your phone while it’s charging, moves your phone from where you left it, if you drop your phone, or if someone changes the SIM card. The loud and annoying alarm is password protected and cannot be stopped by closing the app, restarting the device, or even changing the battery.  This app can be a solid way to alert you at the time of possible theft of your phone. 

3. CrookCatcher

CrookCatcher helps you to catch your smartphone thief red-handed. When a thief tries to unlock your phone, s/he first tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. In doing so, the app will take a picture of the person and immediately email it to the registered mail address. The email consists of the picture, GPS coordinates with maximum accuracy alongside a map. You can control the maximum wrong tries and other details. 

4. Prey

Prey is not only an Anti-Theft app for mobile phones. It covers a wide range of devices including your phones, laptops, tablets, and your other electronic devices. With over a decade of existence, the app still receives a lot of love from users. Prey helps you to track, secure, and prevent your phone from theft. It provides all the basic anti-theft features like Location tracking and provides an ability to wipe the device. Its Power Button Lock feature is highly effective when the robber tries to turn off your device the app locks the power button preventing the robber to turn off your device.

5. Where’s My Droid

Where’s my droid is one of the best third-party tracking app available in the Google play store. It provides more features than Find my Device and its user interface is extremely simple and user-friendly. The free version can ring/vibrate the phone, find the phone using GPS,  use GPS flare, Remotely lock device, Remotely wipe data and even remotely take pictures with the device camera. 

Anti-theft apps are designed to help you track, secure and backup data on your android phone. They even help you to locate a cell phone if it is stolen or misplaced. Similarly, the enable you to wipe out all your data from the lost/missing device. Anti-theft apps make sure you don’t lose your phone in the first place and make it easier to locate the device if you accidentally lose it. 


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