Zebec; A $90 Million Company by a 23 Year Old Nepali within Just 1 Year


While the world is moving towards Web 3 and Web 3.0, Nepali IT experts and blockchain enthusiasts also have been working in this technology. Under such domains, how can we not discuss about cryptocurrencies? You will be intrigued to know about Zebec, a company by a young 23- year old Nepali Sam Thapaliya, which grew to $90 million in valuation within a year of its establishment.

Although Nepal Rastra Bank has restricted the trading and mining of cryptocurrencies, there is no clear indication on the prohibition of blockchain technology. There are few of Nepali working on the blockchain technology staying Nepal or abroad, aiming to contribute in disrupting the financial system.

Among them, Sam Thapaliya is the founder of Zebec, a company based on blockchain technology in the US.

Zebec is the company that is working on Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology based on cryptocurrency, which is focusing on real-time digital payments at an instant. Decentralized Finance is an open-source system, based on blockchain technology that aims to provide customers with typical financial services like lending, trading, and depositing on an open platform.

What is Zebec? How does it work?

Zebec is a company with a novel DeFi technology named Zebec Protocol that aims to empower both corporations and their employees. Made on Solana network, Zebec allows the users for real-time, frictionless, and continuous payment along with enabling the automatic money streams.

Simply put, companies can make payments in cryptocurrencies through Zebec, which is a futuristic idea for the digital economy.

With them, companies, workers, and customers may entirely rethink how payments and salaries, as well as investments, product purchases, and payments for services work. The company’s goal is to enable direct and immediate financial transaction settlements between the concerned parties without the need for middlemen, as well as without challenges, high transaction costs, and similar issues.

It is in the voyage of solving the issues in payments with the help of technology. Among more than 19,000 other cryptocurrencies in the world, Zebec aims to impact as much as the larger world population by a number of problem solving use cases like:

  • Enabling digital payment streams through its payroll project named Zebec Payroll. Unlike normal payroll system which allow to make payments in bank money, this Zebec protocol allows companies to make payments (even fraction of payments) in a second on cryptocurrency.
  • Instant and continuous funds streaming for the uninterrupted flow of funds per-second basis
  • The users have a full control over it where they can pause the payment, resume it or cancel anytime
  • Users can buy and trade Zebec protocol in the cryptocurrency market

Zebec; A $90 Million Company by a 23 Year Old Nepali within just 1 year

Sam Thapaliya is a 23 year old tech whiz who made this crypto based payment company- Zebec in 2021. Zebec (ZBC) is a continuous settlement protocol which has its own crypto currency ZBC token which can be traded in the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA.

The crypto exchanges like OKX, Bybit, Bitget, MEXC and Hoo facilitate for trading of Zebec token. Zebec crypto, also known as ZBC crypto is worth $0.009262 at the time of writing this article, according to CoinMarketCap. The highest price of Zebec was $0.05 in April 2022, after being listed on the crypto exchange.

Sam Thapliya shares, this is his third business that is going well in the field of Fintech. A young lad from Nepal, who moved to America for his higher studies, made this company and grew it to millions (billions in Nepali rupees) within just a year of its commencement.

All he did was to pitch his idea to the investors and collect funds to grow his company. Till date, it has 27 investors whose investment sums up to total $34 million over 2 rounds.

Zebec is led by the founder himself, Sam Thapaliya. Along with him, the team consists of other two Nepali youngsters Yogesh Dhakal, Product Designer; and Ajay Gautam, Chief Technology Officer of Zebec.

Since trading crypto currencies is not allowed in Nepal, Zebec is available in other countries only. However, it is noteworthy that a Nepali youngster has made such a company that is being popular in the global crypto market.

Interview with Sam Thapaliya by Swagat Gyawali.

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