Youtube Now available to Install as a Progressive Web App


Youtube, the most popular video streaming website has now turned itself into a progressive web app. It follows its subsidiaries  YouTube Music and YouTube TV  into the transformation of an actual website into a progressive web app.  googles other sites like google photos, google stadia, and google drive can also be used in the form of PWA for quite a while now. Nowadays many websites are turning themselves into progressive web apps and youtube is following the same trend over recent years. The concept of PWA websites is first pioneered by google itself and it is investing heavily to perfect the technology.  in order to install the PWA version of youtube, you can see the plus button in your browser’s address bar which prompts you to install the app when you click on it. Once added to your applications, you’ll find YouTube in its own window, 

What are PWA (Progressive Web App) websites?

PWA an abbreviated form for the progressive web application is a type of application software that is delivered through the web. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standard and compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices. PWA websites are built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but they can act as stand-alone applications. They can be termed as a hybrid between traditional websites and applications. Having the ability to hide browser UI and its dependencies from the users’ PWA websites can act as a stand-alone application powered by the browser. The extremely fast, reliable, and engaging nature of PWA websites helped them in wider adoption in the tech world. 

Youtube Now available to Install as a Progressive Web App 1

Why PWA Websites matter

PWA websites are still relatively new for the general public though they are introduced and implemented a while ago. . Many corporations other than google are using the technology. PWA websites are relatively cheap to develop than the native app. With almost all functions available in PWA, companies opt for PWA. Neither they need to be updated separately, nor they need separate maintenance. From the customer’s perspective, too PWA  are convenient. They take low storage space and are relatively faster. They take less time to load and provide good performance in poor network conditions too. Users can instantly receive push notifications and access some of its features offline too. 


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