Worldlink Plans to go Public in the Next Three Years


Worldlink, the biggest internet service provider in Nepal is planning to issue its own IPO in the coming years. After successfully completing 25 years in the business, Worldlink finally wants to raise the capital and expand its services in remote parts of the country. 

Worldlink was established 25 years ago by serial entrepreneur Dileep Agrawal. The company was started using just one computer which was imported from the USA. Through hard work, dedication and constant innovation Worldlink have been one of the oldest and most subscribed internet company of Nepal. Last year Worldlink communications were listed as the public company and as all the public company must issue shares to the general public. Worldlink is planning to issue the shares in the next three years. Worldlink has more than 2 million subscribers around the country and it is rapidly growing focusing on broader connectivity and expansion to the remote areas.

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The internet service provider has diversified its portfolio too. It had introduced an IPTV service which has over 184000 subscribers till now. With over 1.5 million daily active WiFi users. With over 4000 employees, Worldlink is the third biggest company in terms of revenue and turnover after Nepal Telecom and Ncell. Worldlink also focuses on its social responsibility too. earlier this year, the internet service provider announced to provide free Wi-Fi to various 10,000 places across the country within the next year. currently, it is providing such services to 3,000 hotspots under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) where the users could avail themselves free internet for one and half hours once they log in. Not only this it provides special packages for hotels restaurants and other special places under its various plans. Worldlink Plans to install free Wi-Fi in popular heritage sites, Airports, restaurants, and public places.

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