Xiaomi surpasses Apple and takes the third position in Global Smartphone Market Q3 2020


During the first two quarters, smartphone companies had to go through an unexpected downfall in their shipments. But as things started healing a bit, production and distributions stimulated. In this regard, some companies were able to pull off their targets while others suffered in several ways.

Going through the ups and downs, Xiaomi, the fast emerging brand has finally gained the spotlight. Xiaomi has successfully reserved its position in the top five of Global Smartphone Market Q3 2020. It also surpassed Apple and ceased the third position from it. With this, Xiaomi becomes the third most widely used and preferred global smartphone company.

Global Smartphone Market Q3 2020

From Q1 to Q3 2020, the Global Smartphone Market experienced new changes that one could have just imagined. Further, in Q3, shipments reached 348 million with a 1% year on year declination. Reaching Q3 2020, Samsung successfully regained the leading position with 2%annual growth and 80.2 million shipments. Similarly, next up is Huawei. Huawei slipped to the second position with a 23% decline in share and only 51.7 million shipments. Likewise, Xiaomi unexpectedly beat Apple and took the third position with 45% year on year growth and 47.1 million shipments.

Speaking further, Apple slipped to the fourth position with a 1% share decline and shipped 43.2 million units. In the same way, Vivo completed the top five with 6% annual growth and 31.8 million shipments. Moreover, Oppo came sixth with 31.1 million shipments while its sister brand, Realme took the seventh position with 15.1 million shipments. Furthermore, others also competed equally but couldn’t make it to the top list. But things might get better in the coming future.

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Xiaomi’s Growth over a year:

Having a comparison between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020, Xiaomi seems to have progressed a lot. Back in Q3 2019, Xiaomi shipped 32.5 million units with a 9.2% share rate. Whereas, this year, in Q3 2020, Xiaomi successfully shipped 47.1 units with a 13.5% share. As a consequence, Xiaomi’s annual growth increased to 45%. This a great deal for an emerging company like it.

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Could Xiaomi have beaten even Huawei?

Resources say, ” Xiaomi executed with great compassion to cease top positions from the top-rated mobile companies.” Although it dethroned only Apple, people think that with a bit more effort, Xiaomi could have ended up in the second position. No matter what, Xiaomi’s growth over the years is truly commendable.

Moreover, there was a symmetry in Q3, as Huawei slipped through 23% and Xiaomi grew by 45%. Similarly, Huawei lost 15.1 million units while Xiaomi added up 14.5 million units this year. Likewise in Europe, Huawei’s shipments slipped through 25% while Xiaomi’s shipments increased to 88% in the same region. Therefore, this year seems to be in favor of Xiaomi rather than other competing companies.

Lastly, what do you think of Xiaomi’s growth over this short interval of time? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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