Xiaomi Introduces Hypercharge: 200W Charging, 100% In 8 Minutes


Chinese OEMs have been pioneers in terms of inventing new ways to charge the phone faster and faster. When OnePlus introduced Dash-charger in OnePlus 3, it was considered a breakthrough. Being able to charge 60% in just 30 minutes was just incredible in those days. As the technology has made advancements, we saw the charging wattage going up all the way to 120W in some phones like ZTE Axon 30 ultra, Mi 10 ultra, and other teasers from Oppo and Vivo too. This year, Xiaomi introduces Hypercharge technology with 200W of fast charging capability and 120W wireless charging to become the fastest wired and wireless charging technology manufacturer.

Xiaomi Hypercharge: Full Day Charge In 5 minutes

In the demo, Xiaomi showed us that custom build Mi 11 Pro with 4,000mAh battery can be charged in under 8 minutes using 200W wired charging. That is twice as fast as the fastest available on the market, i.e., 15 minutes. Similarly, Xiaomi showcased its 120W fast wireless charging too. This fast charger can fill up a 4,000mAh battery in around 15 minutes from zero to hundred percent. Before this, Xiaomi itself held the record for fastest 67W wireless charging on Mi 11 Ultra. Breaking your own record is fun nowadays for some companies.

The demo video shows 10% charge in a mere 44 seconds, 50% in 3 minutes 23 seconds and 100% in 7 minutes 57 seconds using wired 200W charging. The wireless charging charged up the device to 50% in around 7 minutes and 100% in around 15 minutes. This is still faster than most of the wired chargers out there in the market. You may just plug the phone for 5 minutes while you are being ready and you got yourself a near full day of charge. It is as convenient as it sounds.

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However, this is just a demo the company showed us, no phone till the date supports the tech. Maybe in near future, we’ll see the actual implementation of the Hypercharge technology. Another important thing to mention is the heating issue. All the 120W charging supported devices in the past heated up quite a bit while using full power of the charger. It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi handles the thermal department to keep the phone cool. But for now, we can just wait and see.


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