Worldlink Starts Beta Testing of PUBG Server in Nepal


In recent years, Nepal has seen a huge surge in the number of people playing  “PUBG Mobile”.  As the number of players increased, internet bandwidth consumption by PUBG Mobile also increased in Nepal. Resulting in high ping caused by longer data travel. To compensate slow rendering of game assets, resolve high ping issues and seamlessly enhance gameplay, Tencent has finally sent its servers to Worldlink, the largest internet service provider in Nepal and the ISP even started beta testing of PUBG Server in Nepal.

Why Dedicated PUBG Server in Nepal? 

Over the years, Nepalese gamers voiced the need for a separate server for the country. The integration of the PUBG mobile s cache server in worldlink will surely improve gameplay, reduce ping and provide a seamless gaming experience to the players. Smooth flow of data is crucial for the real-time battle royale game like pubg mobile. Each traffic pattern is differentiated by the cache server. There is an even greater importance of micro or mini seconds in the form of ping. Nepalese gamers usually get a ping of around 100-120 Ms which is quite high compared to the international level. Players there rarely get over 80 with constant fluctuations between 20-40 Ms. As pubg server stores the game’s contents locally, it helps the game to load faster. Increases input response time with decreased latency. 

Why Worldlink ? 

PUBG mobile consumes more than 25  Gbps of international internet bandwidth of Nepal. Out of which more than 80% traffic and 20 Gbps bandwidth is consumed by worldlink users alone. With the majority flow of traffic and consumption of staggering 80% bandwidth, Tencent has decided to integrate the server with worldlink. If you’re a subscriber of ISP other than worldlink, you need not worry a bit. There will be constant internet traffic exchange, so other service providers and users will also benefit the same from Nepalese PUBG server.

Samit Jain, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of WorldLink Communications Limited, stated that the server is currently undergoing internal testing and players can expect data exchange from the new server very soon. Jain also added that WorldLink is initially testing two cache server nodes and gradually increase the nodes up to 10  in the coming months. 


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