The Most Popular CMS WordPress now powers 40% of the World’s Websites


According to the latest statistics from popular tech statistics site W3Techs, 40% of the websites with Alexa rank less than 10 million are currently using WordPress. Thousands of new websites are created per day and numerically speaking more than 75 million websites are using WordPress. With relatively small size and less than a  thousand employees working. It’s surprising that a company of such a small size has a major contribution to the creation of the world’s top websites. 

WordPress became the most popular content management system since its inception in 2003. The open-source nature of WordPress made it popular right from the start. There’s no charge to use WordPress as it’s free to install, deploy, and upgrade. WordPress offers a lot of flexibility and customization too. Until now there are a total of 58,000 plugins and 8,000 templates on this platform. 

WordPress is mostly used on blogging and news portal websites. More than 92.2% of blog sites use WordPress and news portals came in close second place with the adaptation by 87.1%.  WordPress actually revolutionized the way people create their website. With the use of thousands of free and paid themes along with plugins and providing users access to create, manage and sell their own themes and templates. WordPress actually created a separate job niche. Hundreds of thousands of freelancers make their living by creating themes, plugins, and templates for other people. WordPress controls 63.3% of the CRM market and competes with Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace.

WordPress Quick Facts

  • Over 300,000 of The Top 1 Million Websites Uses WordPress
  • Out of The Entire Internet, Over 20 Billion pages are in WordPress
  • WordPress Only Takes 5 Minutes To Install
  • WordPress Holds 63.5% of the Content Management System Share
  • WordPress is Used by Big Name Websites including Quartz, Techcrunch(!), Facebook Newsroom, BBC America, Venturebeat, and more.
  • WordPress Produces Over 70 Million Posts and 77 Million Comments Every Month
WordPress websites Stats

W3Techs has taken data only from the websites up to the Alexa rank of 10 million.  There are so many domains that are unused or used for dubious purposes. they also exclude the many millions of parked domains, spam sites, and sites that simply have no real content. WordPress excels due to its clean user experience, mobile usability, security, speed, and friendliness with SEO.


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