What is Digital marketing, its essence, and necessity in Nepal


In recent times we hear a lot about digital marketing. Social media is full of promoted content through digital marketing. Nowadays people are opting for technology to market their products and services. People are slowly starting to favor digital marketing over traditional marketing. In this article, we will talk about what is digital marketing? , It’s an advantage over traditional marketing and needs along with its scope. 

What is digital marketing?

In simple terms, digital marketing is the marketing of any product or service through the use of digital media. Digital marketing uses the internet to deliver advertisement through Digital Channels including search engines, websites, social media, E-mail, and mobile apps. Digital marketing leverages online channels to reach your target audience with cost-effectiveness and in a short period of time. 

Essence of digital marketing in Nepal

In the modern age of the internet, the use of digital media in marketing is a no-brainer. The measurable trait of digital marketing along with its ability to target specific audiences and its higher engagement rates makes digital marketing more preferable option, especially in today’s scenario. After the global introduction of digital marketing during the 1990s Nepal get to use the new marketing method after some 20 years. especially with the breakthrough of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  In Nepal, the digital marketing scenario is changing in a positive way. Businesses start to take notice of the people going online and the benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing.  

The necessity of digital marketing in Nepal

More than 70% of Nepalese are using the internet and the number is increasing year on year. In order to catch up with the customers, Businesses are also going online. Firstly digital marketing increases the global reach, secondly, it provides proper data of how many people saw your ad and reach. Furthermore, it is kinda a long-term investment and you can also analyze your competitors too. With the use of digital media, you can build your brand online. 


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