Progressive Web Apps: Why PWA is the future of Android?


Not all applications are optimized properly for every device to provide the utmost performance and battery optimization. To install an application on android, you first have to download the app package and install it. The installation file takes up huge space, keeps running in the background every time, and even asks for unnecessary usage access. However, the case can be a little different with progressive web apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps ?

PWA or Progressive Web Apps as the name suggests is a concept that is aimed at improving and evolving web apps by making them a lot more mobile friendly and up to par with the Chrome Standards. PWA provides the application logic in your browser which makes use of a cache manifest file directive. The other features of this application include an app icon, a splash screen on launch, offline support, background sync capability, etc. The concept of PWA combines  Android App with web technologies. It allows users to install web apps on their smartphones get the experience of native apps on their smartphones. 

The concept of PWA was introduced by Google in 2017. They’ve made their popular apps like YouTube, photos, and maps with PWA’s concept. Progressive web apps became more powerful and advanced over the years. They also act as a standard application for mobile computing just like any other native app. Many companies followed Google in making their apps progressive In the web and almost all of them become successful. 

Why PWA is the future?

Progressive web apps have almost no loading time due to the low resource consumption. They work even in poor connectivity. These apps offer a more streamlined user experience than both mobile sites and standard native mobile applications. Unlike normal websites, they are not dependent on a desktop browser. For instance, you could connect to a progressive web app through your mobile phone–even in areas where Wi-Fi is limited and only the cellular network is available. So, it is possible to continue using most of your favorite applications even when you are offline. Progressive web apps are also similar to native mobile games. And, you can access them by finding the application in your phone’s app drawer which increases its reliability and ease of use. 

Progressive web apps benefit both developers as well as end-users. Developing PWA will be simpler, faster as well as more reliable than developing a native app as the developer shouldn’t develop for each and every device, screen size as well as and operating system. For users PWA are extremely reliable, as they load quickly, respond quickly to user interactions, uses low resources as well as provide an immersive user experience.

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