LOFA – Literacy of Finance for All to Host Open Essay Competition with Prize Worth 8 Lakhs


LOFA (Literacy of Finance for All) is a high school student-run group that aims to increase Nepal’s financial literacy and establish itself as a “Network of Future Entrepreneurs“. LOFA works to raise awareness and promote high-quality economic, business, and financial literacy knowledge throughout Nepal. After multiple planning, meetings and debates, LOFA has come up with an Open Essay Competition with the goal of including the country’s youths in a once-in-a-lifetime event and providing them with a forum to express their ideas and explain their thoughts on critical financial subjects.

This Open Essay Competition is an English language competition in which contestants must submit essays that are relevant to the following themes:

Theme A: Business, Economics and Financial Literacy in Nepal 
Theme B: Entrepreneurship and COVID-19

The essay should be written on any of the themes within the above-mentioned theme. Participants must clearly state the theme as well as the topic while submitting the essay. The length of the essay, including footnotes, must not exceed 900 words. Although there is no word limit, papers under 300 words are discouraged. The essay should be written in Word (or equivalent) or PDF format, with “Times New Roman” as the typeface and font size of 12 points. The text’s clarity, authenticity, and consistency must be maintained. If there is any plagiarism in the contents of your essay, you may be disqualified from the competition. If the participant has received any assistance while writing the essay, he or she must declare it. The essay should include a list of sources/references that were utilised in its creation.

Open Essay Competition

A person must fit into one of the following categories to be eligible to compete in the competition:

  • Category A: The students of SEE Batch 2077 shall automatically be registered under Category A after the confirmation of his/her participation.
  • Category B: The participants from age 15-22 shall automatically be registered under Category B after the confirmation of his/her participation.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to judge the essays:

  • Marking from the jury : 70%
  • Response (comments) from the website : 20%
  • From Facebook Likes and Comments : 10%

A variety of fascinating awards are also available for all participants who place first, second, third, or fourth, as well as lucrative scholarship packages at the LOFA-affiliated schools for this event.

The Open Essay Competition being organized by LOFA has been supported by numerous partners:

  • Outreach Partner :  Kabaadii.com and Sharing Opportunity
  • Educational Partner for the Event: MeroSiksha
  • Interact Club of YALA
  • Interact Club of Axis Vidhyashram
  • Interact Club of Matribhumi Baluwatar
  • Interact Club of New Horizon
  • Interact Club of Pokhara Lakeside
  • Literacy of Finance for All – Little Angels’ [LOFA LA]
  • The Youth Speaker
  • Youth Thinker’s Society-Chitwan


Category A: (SEE Batch 2077)

  • 1st Prize: 100% Scholarship* + NRs. 3000 only + Other gift hampers*
  • 2nd Prize: 75% Scholarship* + NRs. 2000 only + Other gift hampers *
  • 3rd Prize: 50% Scholarship* + NRs. 1000 only + Other gift hampers *
  • 4th Prize: 25% Scholarship* + NRs. 500 only + Other gift hampers *

Category B: (Age Group 15-22)

  • 1st Prize: Nrs. 5000 only + Other gift hampers *
  • 2nd Prize: Nrs. 4000 only + Other gift hampers *
  • 3rd Prize: Nrs. 3000 only + Other gift hampers *
  • 4th Prize: Nrs. 2000 only + Other gift hampers *

For any queries, Contact:

Email: contact@lofanepal.org

Facebook: https://facebook.com/lofanepal

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lofanepal

Website: https://lofanepal.org

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