5 Signs Your Business is in Need of Upaya City Cargo’s Help


Are you a business owner whose business is continuously growing bigger? And while this growth is fantastic it might be coming in with a few headaches. The biggest being that of storing and shipping your goods. Although many businesses partner up with different logistic companies, they tend to face major problems with the shipping of their packages and all these problems can create nightmares.

 Often the extra costs of handling inventory and fulfilment of orders may become excessive, or even running out of storage space may hamper your business much more than you expect and could even lead to your downfall. For this reason, we will be bringing you signs that tell you why your business may need a new logistics partner like Upaya City Cargo, the logistics company enabled by tech, operating in different parts of Nepal. 

About Upaya City Cargo

Upaya City Cargo is an end-to-end online logistics company providing service across 4 verticals. Upaya works with individuals, as well as small and large businesses in Nepal. The company is striving to connect individuals and businesses with driver-partners to ensure quick and hassle-free delivery of goods. The services within the 4 Verticals include Upaya on Demand, Mero Upaya, Upaya Fulfillment and Upaya Transport

The logistic company provides convenient, hassle-free and cost-effective services to all its clients. As per the company, the major aim is to add value to the increasing delivery needs by providing services at the lowest prices as compared to existing rates.

Reasons Your Business Needs Upaya City Cargo

5 Signs Your Business is in Need of Upaya City Cargo's Help 1

Customer Base is Growing Faster Than You Expected

If you are a business owner then you must already know that the time and effort needed in scaling a business are often underestimated. And while a crowd of supportive customers can be the most important thing for your business, the increase in the number of orders, queries and deliveries can make it harder to satisfy the demands of your customers. 

Although it is easy to ship a handful of products every day, sending out a large number of orders daily means you might have to dedicate more of your time to ensure the order is delivered on time. At this point, a company like Upaya can completely take that off your hands. No matter what kind of business you have Upaya has various features to offer. So, hesitate no more and select a plan according to your needs. 

Mixing Up of Order

While the increase in the number of customers and growth in business is a good thing, it is prevalent for mishaps to happen with this growth. If you too have found yourself with bursts of orders that you cannot fulfil in a timely manner, then it will cause problems for your business.

It becomes very common to mix up customer orders and deliver the wrong goods to them. This will end up affecting not just the number of repeat customers you get, but also your overall reputation in the market. 

Once the number of order fulfilment increases it is better to opt for Upaya logistics as they will not only keep track of the correct order but also the place of delivery. 

The High Cost of Logistics and Shipping Companies

While many logistics companies have a high cost of storing and shipping, at Upaya it is not the same. You create your customized logistic plan and that too at the minimum rates. Using the Mero Upaya feature you can customize your plan according to your needs and sign a contractual agreement and move forward. The plan is cost-efficient as well as reliable. 

However, if you are only operating within the valley, then you can use the Upaya Fulfillment feature, which includes sorting as well as packing of goods before delivery. If you need to deliver goods in bulk then Upaya Fulfillment is meant for you, as it ensures timely delivery of the goods. 

Unreliable Delivery Time 

The biggest problem that businesses face is the timely delivery of goods. Many a time customers have complained that their goods have not been delivered on time, which in turn can very well hamper the image of any business. 

With the Upaya transport system, you do not have to worry. Not only do they deliver goods all over Nepal but both businesses and customers can track the shipment to know where it currently is. The major aim of this service is to provide a hassle-free delivery service as soon as the documentation and sorting process is completed. 

If you do want to get single packages delivered, by using the Upaya On-Demand feature you can send out your express delivery by simply putting in the Pickup & Drop Off Address details for the delivery in their app. Depending on the size of your shipment you can choose to get either the 2-Wheeler service or 4-Wheeler service

Lack of Storage Space

Storing goods is another headache that comes along with growth. With increased orders, you need more space to store your products. Since most businesses operate either through online platforms or from a one-room rented space, it can be difficult to store goods properly without losing anything. And if you wish to get a simple storage unit, it ends up raising your costs. Even if you find a cheaper storage unit it might be far from your workstation, this can increase costs too as you might have to use some mode of transportation to go back and forth between the storage unit and your workstation. 

Upaya is soon coming with its own storage facility feature within the Upaya Fulfillment which can help your business tremendously. To minimise both costs and the extra effort, it will be far simpler to use the Upaya storage facility which will be cost-efficient and reliable. With their help, you just need to focus on selling rather than worrying about storing. 

If your business is facing any of these issues then Upaya City Cargo should be on your radar. With Upaya’s help, you can fulfil the expectation of customers for timely delivery of goods at the best possible rates. No matter what type of delivery service you require Upaya City Cargo has them all so be on the lookout for this logistic company. Even if you don’t need them today, you may need them tomorrow! 

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