Twitter Bans Donald’s Trump Account Permanently


Twitter, One of the most popular microblogging platforms has permanently banned American president Donald Trump from using the Twitter account. The social media giant confined Yesterday through an official blog post. Twitter deleted all the new tweets posted by Donald Trump on his official government account @POTUSand  also suspended the account of his presidential campaign along with his personal account. Twitter also confirmed that it is the first time it had banned the official Twitter account of the head of state. 

Although The row between the tech giant and president trump is not new.  Yesterday   Twitter took a bold decision to ban the account of the head of its home country.  During the 4 years as a president of the United States of America. Trump has been warned by Twitter time and again. Twitter often put fact-checks and warning labels on Trump’s tweets about coronavirus and the presidential elections. Most notably after the confirmation of the defeat in the 2019 us presidential election. Twitter concluded that trump is spreading misinformation by tweeting false allegations fuelled with conspiracy theories through its app. 

Yesterday, Trump labeled the people who stormed the US Capitol as  “patriots”. through his official Twitter handle and claimed he won’t attend the presidential inauguration ceremony on January 20th. Twitter concluded that the series of misleading and false tweets from the head of state would worsen the situation and further increase the violence. After the ban trump claimed he’d look at the possibilities to build his own platform in the future. 

Twitter is not the only tech company to ban the account of president trump. On Thursday, Facebook confirmed that it had suspended Mr. Trump indefinitely.   popular gaming platform Twitch also placed an indefinite ban on the outgoing president’s channel. not only this Snapchat also banned trump from its ecosystem. 


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