You can Now Pay Taxes to Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan City from Moru Digital Wallet


A lot of digital wallets are offering payments for governmental offices these days. This is a commendable effort from them to make Nepal digital. Similarly, Moru digital wallet has also partnered with Tulsipur Submetropolitan City. Now you can pay taxes to Tulsipur SMC online using Moru digital wallet.

Moru has associated with Tulsipur SMC to allow the locals of that area to pay taxes online. The people of this sub-metropolitan can pay the following taxes:

  • Taxes
  • Government Revenue
  • Land and Property tax
  • Business and Rental tax

Tulsipur is becoming smart with Moru digital wallet

You can Now Pay Taxes to Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan City from Moru Digital Wallet 1
Moru Digital Wallet Collaborates with Tulsipur SMC

The Mayor of Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan city Ghanshyam Pandey inaugurated the event on Wednesday. Binil KC, an operator of Moru, said that the public can use Moru to pay for drinking water and electricity bills. Similarly, the traders can find an easy way to pay taxes at the tax office through it. “There’s no hassle of carrying money, no worries about being stolen or looted,” KC added.

In the beginning, the service recipients will be informed about how to use Moru Digital Wallet. This would run for about 6 months.

According to Bhesraj Chand, chief of the revenue branch of the sub-metropolis, after the agreement with Moru Digital Wallet, the obligation to go to the office and ward of the sub-metropolis will end. Moreover, he added that the sub-metropolitan government will charge only up to Rs 5 for payments made from Rs 1 to Rs 50,000.

The Tulsipur Sub-metropolis has collected revenue of Rs. 82 million in the fiscal year 2077/78. Around 70,000 to 75,000 people in the sub-metropolis have been availing of various tax-related services.

Similarly, out of 5,807 business tax registrants, only 1,608 have paid tax in the fiscal year 2077/78. According to the Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan Revenue Branch, Rs. 54.69 million has been collected from them. In the last Fiscal Year 2077/78, 256.5 million 36 thousand taxes were collected. Revenue of Rs 120 million has been collected in the first four months of the current fiscal year. This revenue collection can turn into digital and it would reduce the paper costs of the governmental offices and the users too.

The number of Moru users has crossed 30,000 in the Dang and Tulsipur areas alone

Binil KC, the operator of the Moru Digital Wallet mobile app, said that one does not need to go to the Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan office or ward office to pay such taxes. From now on, they can simply pay the taxes online from anywhere.

In addition to that, Shreesh Poudel, head of trade and operations at Moru Wallet in Tanahun, said that the total number of Moru Wallet users has reached 500,000 in a year and a half. Moru Wallet was launched on January 31, 2020.

Furthermore, he adds:

“Our forefathers used to call money Moru and today we call it Mobile Rupee Moru. Moru is the beginning of digital life and it will help make people smarter.”

The chief executive of this wallet is Asitos Sah of Saptari and the chairman is Bhupendra Bhandari of Dang. “During the Coronavirus epidemic, Moru Wallet became a convenient way for many to do business”, said Chairman Bhandari.


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