Times of Nepal: Best Nepali News App?


With the increase of online news portals in Nepal, the credibility of them is on the decline. We see several issues of fake news spreading through several online portals and blogs. This puts readers in the dilemma of trust among the variety of news without proper sources. In this ocean of information, a brand new news app, Times of Nepal, has been released in Nepal. Can this be the best Nepali News app in the market?


  • AI Powered Voice Assistant that can speak the news.
  • A new Nepali news app, Times of Nepal, has been recently released.
  • The app gives you news from different portals on a single platform.
  • This app shows the content according to your preference and things you like.
  • Times of Nepal gives you categorized news content.
best nepali news app

Times of Nepal app plans to extract the categorized news from several news portals over the internet. This is the only news app from Nepal that serves the categorized news content according to the preference of people.

There are more than 20 news portals integrated into the app including onlinekhabar, setopati, baahrakhari, BBC, techlekh, techsathi, and many more. Also, the app has a “for you” section where only the content that you prefer and like are shown. This makes it possible for the user to see only the contents that they are interested in. The app also has several news categories available which make it further easier to filter into the content that you’d like to see. The users can see the same news from different sources in a single place so that they can judge upon their credibility. Also, if the user is busy, the app gives you the option to save the news to read later as well. The app has been released in both light theme and dark theme. Also, you can choose Nepali or English language according to your preference.

Times of Nepal is the only Nepali news app that has successfully integrated the ability to find the right news of their choice by the users. Also, the saving feature is new here. The app is available in both iOS and Android. You can download the app here.