The Urban Space: A Novel Idea of Introducing World Class Technology- Enabled Housing Experience in Nepal


With the increase in population in urban areas, managed settlements are difficult to find here. Moreover, open lands are disappearing day by day with the settlement areas inside Kathmandu valley. Mostly, there are only apartments available as housing options inside the ring road. Housings and colonies are available outside the distance of 4-5 KM from ring road. In this case, Urban Space is providing a housing facility inside the valley, within 200 meters from the ring road in Satdobato. The concept put forward by Urban Space is the first one of its kind in Nepal. Apart from that, it is utilizing the limited space to provide maximum boundary-less housing experience with open space and safer technology.

When it comes to housing, we either hire some contractors and engineers to build it or rent a readymade apartment. The next way is to buy a readymade house or a housing unit in the colony. However, “The Urban Space“, has introduced a novel concept of housing with automated technology.

The Urban Space: A Novel Idea of Introducing World Class Technology- Enabled Housing Experience in Nepal 2
A Model of Urban Space Housing

The Urban Space has introduced a European system of housing called “Town House” for the first time in Nepal. In this concept, the house units are joined with each other with separate gate entries. However, this system of housing offers a shared backyard for all the dwellers in that housing community. Not only that, the houses offer all the required facilities and provide a safe, secure and cooperative neighborhood.

The Urban Space: A Novel Idea of Introducing World Class Technology- Enabled Housing Experience in Nepal 3
Urban Space housing units with a shared backyard

What is Urban Space?

“Urban Space” is a world-class residence, comprised of 11 housing units. Each of those units is earthquake-resistant and technology-enabled. It is a mixed form of bungalow and housing with separate entry for each house. The intention of this project is to destroy the gated community to create and foster a social community. It is the first phase project of The Urban Space in Satdobato, Lalitpur which was inaugurated on 24th of April, 2021.

The housing units in Urban Space can provide the experience of open shared space with automated facilities. The construction has already begun and booking too is open now. The clients can book for their houses with a down payment of 10% and avail for customized interiors and finishing as well.

These houses ensure safety, comfort, and standard with the following features:

  • Earthquake resistant structures
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Smart Surveillance
  • Fire Proof lining
  • Attractive interiors
  • On-demand grocery supplies

Apart from these basic services, Urban Space is providing the following technologies for the first time in Nepal:

  • Central Heating
  • Smart Automation
  • Smart Gas Pipeline
  • Complete Insulation

You might wonder what a smart gas pipeline system actually means. Unlike the normal way of replacing gas cylinders, the gas pipelines are attached to each home. On top of that, a gas meter connects each of the houses which notifies the users through mobile for payments and refill. This is for the first time in Nepal where houses are provided with automatic gas supplies. Similarly, the houses include a central heating system which warms up the houses. in the winter season with the help of automation.

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How did it start?

The Urban Space is a brainchild of visionary and futuristic Er. Bipin Gaire, who has extensive knowledge of housing planning. Having a group of competent engineers and management graduates, this team is revolutionizing the future of housing. The common vision of this company is to utilize little spaces in the city to provide a boundaryless community. In this way, the clients enjoy the open space of a shared backyard at the price they pay for a house

The team is actively engaged in its media handles like Youtube and other media through podcasts and blogs. They have run their own podcast Shilanyash on Kantipur FM through their unit “Mero Ghar“. Their content informs people about housing standards, financial planning as well as engineering rules, and legal provisions.

Shiv Kandel (Co-founder and Chief Branding Officer of The Urban Space) shares, “We as a team are rooted with the purpose of humanity and passionately working to make a healthy future for all by creating a boundary-less society. We are running some campaigns like #thankyoudoctor to appreciate the resilience of doctors’ leadership in saving people’s lives. Not only that, the Urban Space team is reaching out to individuals and organizations for receiving suggestions and feedback regarding how homes should be in the age of pandemic like COVID and how work from home can be less stressful. 

The Future of Housing; What to expect from Urban Space?

The Urban Space is a revolutionary concept in urban planning. It aims to build sustainable structures and designs for the future with a touch of innovative technology in architecture.  Likewise, it also envisions a community with no boundaries, where humanity serves as the philosophy of making a better neighborhood. On this regard, the brand is solving the problem of crowded and unmanaged spaces by creating common open shared spaces for an exclusive neighborhood. Along with that, they are working under the vision of sustainable development goals where managed housing would serve for the quality of life.


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