Open Source ASCOL Circle (OSAC) celebrates Software Freedom Day 2020 (SFD-2020)


Amrit Science College (ASCOL), the reputed and one of the oldest colleges in Nepal is forward in organizing technology-based seminars and workshops. This year, the Open Source ASCOL Circle (OSAC) of the college is organizing Software Freedom Day 2020. More specifically, OSAC will organize it on September 19/ Ashoj 3. Further, collaborating with ASCOL IT Club, OSAC is aiming to make this celebration day a success.

Software Freedom Day:

Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is an international celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Actually, SFD focuses on educating people about high-quality FOSS, its uses, and its merits. At the global level, the Digital Freedom Foundation coordinates SFD. Whereas volunteers all around the world organize their own, local SFD events. Additionally, SFD longs to create an aspiring environment to teach and learn. Above all, it wants to connect people worldwide so that they learn and step ahead in the digital world collectively. 


OSAC is an active tech community from ASCOL with energetic youths contributing for dynamic changes in tech industry. The community was founded in November 19, 2011. And undoubtedly, from the very beginning, its actions were commendable. Moreover, ASCOL is an innovative, co-operative and a common platform for FOSS enthusiasts. Further, in this community, people can widen their knowledge about FOSS. In the context of Nepal, OSAC plays a vital role in educating people about FOSS and promoting it. Along with this, they help to establish Open Source Culture among students. Equally, OSAC organizes timely seminars, workshops and other events focusing on the theme of “Let’s learn together”.

History of OSAC contributing for SFD in Nepal:

Like many countries, Nepal organizes SFD seminars annually. Ever year, OSAC organizes events to celebrate SFD. There, people share their knowledge, especially about FOSS. OSAC started organizing SFD since 2013. From 2013 to 2015, ASCOL expo and project exhibitions organized SFD. Similarly, in 2016, CSIT expo organized SFD on the auspicious occasion of ASCOL Day. Likewise, SFD of 2018 was a huge success. It was a grand and one of the best events of its kind. Unfortunately, OSAC was unable to conduct SFD for 2 years in a row: 2018 and 2019. Nevertheless, this time, OSAC is fully prepared and electrified to celebrate SFD 2020 successfully.

Merits of SFD 2020:

SFD is not just an event to enjoy with the crowd. Actually, it’s an opportunity to learn more about digital world. SFD events particularly focus on use of open source tools and their impacts in pandemic. Here, you’ll get to learn about open source tools in ever possible ways. Additionally, you learn about their use in sectors of digital health, telemedicine, research, education and multimedia. Besides this, OSAC is having Open Source Project Showcases that might be of great help for you and your plans in tech sector.

Software Freedom Day 2020

Software Freedom Day 2020 will include following sessions as a part of the entire event:

  • Speaker session focusing on health education
  • Poetry and entertainment sessions to refresh the crowd
  • Research showcase and panel discussion
  • Open Source Project showcase and demonstration
  • Python members gatherings

How to register to Software Freedom Day?

If you’re interested in learning something new about FOSS and many other topics as well then you can register to SFD 2020. To make the registration, follow below listed steps:

  • Firstly, open the link:
  • In the form, you’ll have to specify your email address, name, phone number, gender and affiliation (education/company).
  • Additionally, you’ll have to answer some questions associated with the program.
  • Finally, submit the form.

What’s special about this year’s SFD celebration?

Due to the pandemic outbreak, it’s not a wise idea to have large gatherings. So, OSAC will conduct this year’s SFD event virtually. Moreover, participants from various sectors like health, the tech industry, education, and research will gather and share their knowledge collectively. Furthermore, some open-source researchers and project developers will also join the virtual event and help you learn more. In addition to these educational sessions, OSAC will conduct an entertainment session. There, people will recite poems and more to entertain the participants. As this is a celebration event, you’ll surely get to learn and enjoy at the same time. Therefore, do consider registering and attending the virtual SFD 2020 event.


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