SCT and CellPay Join Hands for Operating QR Payments through SmartQR


SmartChoice Technologies (SCT) and CellPay have joined hands to operate QR payments. SCT is the Payment Systems Operator (PSO) licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank and CellPay is a Payment System Provider (PSP). These two entities have signed an agreement to provide the QR payments of Smart Choice Technologies (SCT) from CellPay.

Recently, this agreement was made in a formal program held on the premises of the head office of SmartChoice Technologies (SCT) at Gairidhara, Kathmandu. The agreement was signed by Mr. Narayan Prakash Bhuju, CEO of SCT, and Mr. Sarthak Chhetri, CEO of CellPay.

According to the agreement, the users of CellPay can scan Smart QR available at the merchants through the CellPay app. Likewise, the merchants and vendors can quickly receive the payments through a QR scan. SmartQR is the QR payment system developed by SCT for facilitating contactless payments.

SCT uses EMV standard to issue the QR codes and makes the settlement of payments through Financial Switch which makes its use of it more easy, safe, and more reliable.

About Smart Choices Technologies (SCT); The first card network provider in Nepal

SCT has been operating in Nepal since 2001 and has been providing a platform for both card-based and card-less transactions. It is the first of its kind to introduce an integrated shared switching payment Network along with the Domestic proprietary Card Scheme (SCT).

SCT is developed as a PSO in Nepal- designed to meet the expectation and needs of Nepali consumers, Banks, PSPs, merchant’s eco-system, and other domestic digital platforms. It has also entered into a strategic alliance with international payment processors and schemes (UnionPay International, Pulse Network, FSS, etc.) to extend its services and accessibility and deliver the services as per the global standard.

In recent times, SCT has also been promoting contactless payments through its own Smart QR. Smart QR is a QR platform like FonePay, NEPALPAY QR where the customer can scan QR supported by its system and make instant contactless payments. SmartQR is also accepted by popular digital wallets like Khalti and now CellPay is also adopting its service in its system.

SCT and CellPay
Smart QR for Mobile Payments

On the other hand, CellPay is a popular PSP in Nepal

CellPay is the first PSP in Nepal that is licensed by NRB to provide both wallet load and bank linking services. Hence, it started with providing a unique payment platform for the users. Starting its operations in 2019, CellPay has been providing an array of payment options with the features like:

  • Multiple bank linking options like
  • Free bank transfer option
  • Real-time transactions through instant fund transfers
  • Instant fund transfer using just a mobile number
  • Customer loyalty points as per the transactions can be used for top-ups

The collaboration between SCT and CellPay will make QR payments even easier for the CellPay users

This agreement between SCT and CellPay is expected to contribute to the overall progress in the field of digital payments. SCT has been supporting various commercial banks, development banks, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), and other institutions by providing various cards and payment platforms.

On the other hand, CellPay is providing multiple payment options like mobile top-up, utility payments, vendor payments, financial payments, voting, hotel, and ticket booking, and others. It is the first payment system in Nepal that does not charge for bank transfers. Also, it has been popular for its amazing cashback and offers time and again.

CellPay is available in both mobile and web-based applications. However, scanning QR is only available in the mobile app.

You can download the CellPay app for Android devices from Google PlayStore and for iOS devices from App Store.

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