Pre-registration Opens for PUBG New State, the Futuristic Battle Royale Game


Krafton and PUBG studios have announced the launch of the new mobile battle royale game named PUBG new state. The game was teased via a short video on YouTube which demonstrates a pubg like gameplay with ultra-realistic graphics. PUBG new state is a modernized version of the famous battle royale shooter set in the year 2051. 

The short video teased on YouTube provides the vibe of the 3 most popular pc games topped in a single game. The futuristic look of the game somehow relates to the cross between Call of Duty and Apex Legends with an atmosphere of Cyberpunk 2077. PUBG new state has obviously kept their original glamour of the game in the form of pans and energy drinks along with cars, characters, and weapons. The game features some futuristic tech too including deployable shields, care packages, and many more. 

The teaser shows a complete new map named TROI which includes various interactable objects. The objects can be used to build strategies and providing optimal realism. Players can expect a futuristic battle royale feel in the new game. Gamers can drive high-tech vehicles and use fancy drones to apparently scout and attack enemies. Game publisher krafton games confirmed that players can customize their weapons and vehicles too. Gamers can use an in-game customization feature that lets players customize their appearance, vehicles, and even arms and ammunitions to enhance in-game feel. 

The game dubbed as pubg 2 is expected to launch in the coming weeks.  it will not be available in countries where PUBG mobile is currently banned including India. PUBG Corporation is continuously negotiating with the Indian government for the official relaunch of PUBG mobile along with New state. The response seems positive but the game developers are yet to get an official confirmation. Users can pre-register for PUBG new state from the play store  and get exclusive car skins and  gifts


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