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After, the announcement by Dish Home about providing internet service in Nepal, the Prabhu group has also announced that Prabhu Digital will soon start its Prabhu Internet service Prabhu Net in limited areas.

Prabhu Digital is the first company in the country to bring the wireless terrestrial TV (DVB-T2) facility. So, we can say as expected they have now added a new service namely Prabhu Net.The company also mentioned that it will now be combining its existing TV subscription service. With that, the new Prabhu Net will be combined into one cohesive framework called “Prabhu Digital”.

After a lot of teasing on their Facebook page, Prabhu Digital announced that the launch of Prabhu Net is the biggest launch of the year. More to that, Prabhu TV, one of their existing product was also offering IPTV, OTT & DVB-T2 service in Nepal.

Prabhu Internet Overview:

Prabhu Internet

Now that Prabhu TV and Prabhu Net will be under one roof i.e Prabhu Digital, customers will be able to subscribe to IPTV and internet from the same provider. This is a piece of good news since it will make things easier from one perspective.

Although, there isn’t much detail about this new internet service at the current time. It is only mentioned that they will be using the world’s latest optical fibre technology for Prabhu net service. Moreover, Prabhu Digital will offer Free IPTV under subscriptions to any of the internet packages. This means that you can get fibre internet with Free TV service over the same line.

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Prabhu Net Packages And Price

We also know that the customers can choose from three internet packages i.e 30 Mbps50 Mbps, and 60 Mbps. Their plan goes as follow:

30 Mbps Plan:

30 Mbps PlanPrice
Internet solely for 12 MonthsRs. 15,000
Internet with 1 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 17,000
Internet with 2 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 20,000
Internet with 3 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 22,000

50 Mbps Plan:

50 Mbps PlanPrice
Internet solely for 12 MonthsRs. 19,000
Internet with 1 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 21,000
Internet with 2 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 24,000
Internet with 3 IPTV for 12 MonthsRs. 26,000

60 Mbps Plan:

60 Mbps PlanPrice
Internet solely for 12 MonthRs. 22,500
Internet with 1 IPTV for 12 MonthRs. 24,500
Internet with 2 IPTV for 12 MonthRs. 27,000
Internet with 3 IPTV for 12 MonthRs. 30,000

Well, that isn’t just it though, Prabhu Net is also offering two super amazing offer namely, Extra Fast Internet (SEM Package) and Blazing Fast Offer.

Extra Fast Internet (SEM Package)Price
Budget PackageRs. 1,950 (Per month)
Advance PackageRs. 2,950 (Per month)
Enhance PackageRs. 3,950 (Per month)

Under these offers, you can get the chance to enjoy some relevant package with fast internet speed and at a very affordable price:

Blazing Fast OfferPrice
30 Mbps internet + Prabhu TV+ InsuranceRs. 1000 (Per Month)

Some Insights:

Furthermore, there is speculation that Prabhu Group will be further adding more products to its digital services near future. Although, “Prabhu Pay” which is its digital wallet service is still separate from Prabhu Digital. However, since the Prabhu group is more of a financial corporation they have been adding some really impressive services to their lists.

Prabhu TV is a renown name in the Nepali market adding up that it is already offering services in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Chitwan, and many other places. So, it’s evident that they have a huge customer base. With such a huge customer base, it wouldn’t be surprising to say that this new service could be a huge success in the coming days. Besides, Prabhu TV is already offering better quality service than other NetTV. So, it will be interesting to see how it will use this edge.

As of now, there are no details on pricing. However, we will be updating our posts regarding the packages, pricing, and availability details as soon as they are on board. So, be sure to check back more often.


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