Excited to watch Money Heist? Here’s how you to pay for your Netflix subscription from Nepal


The most awaited fifth and the last season of the popular Netflix original web series – La Casa Del Papel (Money Heist) is streaming from today (September 3). Needless to say, this Spanish series has been a global sensation since its first season. The four seasons have already streamed on Netflix before. And this season has created a buzz among netizens that many companies have even given a day-off to their employees for this day. Money Heist is one of the most acclaimed and popular thriller series on Netflix. In Nepal too, it has a huge fan following who are more than excited for the release of its fifth season. As of today, the series broke the internet and most Nepalese are also binging on watching this final season. If you are not able to use your friend’s account, you can now easily pay for Netflix Subscription from Nepal too. Thanks to Dollar Card!

How to watch Money Heist from Nepal?

No, we are not going to promote unsolicited sites or links here. Well, you might have gone through that but one cannot avoid the annoying ads and buffer while streaming online. In addition to that, getting a subscription to Netflix is way smarter than posing your device under various malicious threats. Since this series is streaming on Netflix, there is a legitimate way of getting access to it.

As you might already know that Nepal Rastra Bank has allowed international payment gateway through a prepaid dollar card, you can get it from any of the commercial banks in Nepal now. It is the only formal way to get a subscription to Netflix where your access would not just be limited to Money Heist.

Get a Netflix subscription via Prepaid Dollar Card and chill with your favorite content

A prepaid dollar card allows you to make payments for the purchase of international products and services. It is the legit way for cross-border payments where banks provide you with a maximum limit of $500 balance per annum. There are more than 46 commercial and development banks that provide you with a prepaid dollar card. You can use that card for various usage like:

  • Paying for Google, Facebook and other ads in social media
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime or other OTT subscriptions
  • Purchasing international courses in platforms like Udemy and Coursera
  • Paying for purchase of domain and other web services
  • Making purchase via e-commerce sites like Amazon and Ali Baba

If you do not have a Netflix subscription that’s keeping you from watching popular series like Money Heist, you can instantly get a prepaid dollar card from your bank.

How to get a prepaid dollar card from the bank?

Most of the banks provide you with this card within a week with your name imprinted on it. If you need it immediately within a day, you can get it without your name on it. Banks like NMB, Machhapuchhre, Siddhartha Bank provide instant prepaid dollar cards within a day. Furthermore, Nabil Bank provides you with an over-the-counter virtual card which you can apply online.

You can either apply online through your bank’s website or visit the bank to get this card. After submitting all the necessary documents and the desired purpose to use the card, the banks provide you with this card. For that, you need to submit

  • Updated KYC form
  • PAN Number’
  • Citizenship ID

After that, you can request the bank to load your desire amount, not exceeding $500. The bank will charge Rs 500 for the first time loading your card. Then, it would charge you with Rs 200 or as per the bank’s rule on further loading.

How to pay for Netflix Subscription in Nepal using a Prepaid Dollar Card?

  • Go to Netflix.com
  • Enter your email for subscription and create a password
  • Choose a plan suitable and affordable for you. The plan ranges from USD 3.99 to USD 11.99
  • Then submit your card details like card number, CVV code and expiration date, in the payment method section
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and then start a membership

For more details about prepaid dollar cards in Nepal, also read: Get Ready for Cross Border Card Payments: How to Get a Prepaid Dollar Card from the Banks?

This way, you can use a prepaid dollar card for getting subscriptions for OTT platforms like Netflix. Not only that, a prepaid dollar card enables freelancers to get international courses and services. Similarly, e-commerce businesses can foster with the facility the card provides in purchasing goods from the international territory. This facility by NRB, though claimed as a mere formality by some startups and freelancers, yet is a welcoming step to enhance the gig economy in Nepal. Since the internet is going crazy with the release of Money Heist-Season 5, we have prepared this article for you.


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