NIC Asia Bank Introduces “Quick Pay” Service for the First Time in Nepal to Ease SME Owners


NIC Asia Bank has introduced the “Quick Pay” service for the first time in the Nepalese banking sector targeting SMEs and MSMEs, where the seller can receive payment easily by just sending a payment link to the buyer. The payment is then directed when the buyer simply clicks on that link.

Targeting the entrepreneurs in the fields of hospitality, travel / tours, telemedicine, online education, small and medium enterprises, the bank has started this service for rendering a hassle-free payment method where you would not be required to click on numerous tabs for making payments. Just remember how you join the Zoom meeting or Google meet session through a link! It is that simple. 

Entrepreneurs who want to avail ‘Quick Pay’ service from this bank can reach out to the nearest branch where they are required to fill up a form and the bank will provide them a platform to send payment links to their customers. 

What’s NIC Asia Quick Pay Service?

As the name resembles, customers can enjoy quick payment through this service. Costumers can easily and instantly make payments from any location and at any time through card, mobile banking and internet banking by clicking on the link received on their laptop or computer or smartphone. E-commerce companies that are not affiliated with the online payment service can take payment through ‘Quick Pay’ and even businessmen doing business offline can adapt this medium and opt for digital transactions. Using this platform, merchants can send payment links to their customers through email, SMS or social media messaging apps.

According to the bank’s Deputy Chief Information Officer, Mr Arjun Raj Khaniya, the bank believes that this “Quick Pay” service will play a meaningful role in taking digital business to a new height by acting as a dynamic bridge between online and offline payments.

About NIC Asia Bank

After the merger of NIC Bank with Bank of Asia in 2013, NIC Asia Bank has left no stones unturned in its path of rigorous banking business. Today, the bank has the largest banking network in the country providing services through 352 branch offices, 471 ATMs, 75 extended counters and 80 branchless banking services across the country. Led by one of the most visionary bankers of Nepal, Mr Roshan Kumar Neupane, this bank is getting ahead in major financial indicators along with more than 2.2 million customers, which is rather very encouraging. Moreover, expanding its branches, it has been operating even in less remote districts and in more than 34 local bodies where no bank or financial institution has reached. This contribution of NIC Asia in financial inclusion has made it more than a pal for its customers. 

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The launch of this Quick Pay service will assist in the promotion of digital payments in the country as the bank is currently offering digital transactions through card based online payment gateway Cybersource, NIC ASIA MoBank and other online payments. The bank expects the Quick Pay service to be extremely secure and effective as digital transactions instead of cash transactions are undesirable to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, which is currently spreading across the country. 

What do you think about this new product of NIC Asia Bank? If you are an SME owner, would you take this service? Dropdown your valuable comments. And please stick to us for further updates. 


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