NIC Asia Bank Donates 10.5 Million Rupees to COVID-19 Control and Treatment Fund


NIC Asia Bank has donated 1.5 million rupees to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Control and Treatment Fund of each seven provincial-government, a sum total of 10.5 million, with an intent to assist the control and treatment of the pandemic and also to combat against the spread of it. Sensing the moral obligation to lift the country from this distressful situation, it was the decision of the bank to fund each provincial-government. The 1.5 million rupees donation was mustered as the bank and the staff provided a million and another half-million respectively from their behalf.

NIC Asia Bank

As an initiative to contain the spread of Coronavirus government has declared a complete lockdown and ruled on the prohibition of transport, which has caused a huge impact in different industries of the nation including business, tourism, etc. Bearing this difficult situation in mind NIC Asia has provided the mentioned amount in order to fight against the coronavirus.

Under the social obligation, in collaboration with local and provincial-government, NIC Asia Bank has also distributed ration worth of 4,568,000 rupees to the daily wage laborers before this. The bank believes that this initiative would sustain the families of the laborers who live hand to mouth and have a hard time providing bread and butter to their families. 


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