Bitsbeat, A Software Company Based in Nepal Receives Marketing DAO Grant to Promote Ethereum


Bitsbeat, a software development company based in Nepal was recently given a Marketing DAO grant. Bitsbeat was among the ten projects that were given the grant. Having competed with more than a hundred other projects and succeeding, Bitsbeat has definitely demonstrated Nepal’s capability towards the new digital age. This grant was arranged in order to promote the growth of Ethereum as a brand.


What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the largest open-source platform for building decentralized applications and running smart contracts. With its spectacular growth, there was a need to formalize and professionalize a set of marketing and communications activities to benefit its long-term position. That’s why they started a Marketing DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

The platform Ethereum itself is decentralized and diverse and the financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain. Because of this, there’s no centralized organization that controls Ethereum.

Bitsbeat Nepal

Bitsbeat, Nepal’s one of the emerging tech companies have been working on the blockchain providing consulting and product development. They have been also conducting regular meetups, national events, technical workshops to promote technology among the students and tech enthusiasts.

Bitsbeat, A Software Company Based in Nepal Receives Marketing DAO Grant to Promote Ethereum 2

Bitsbeat has been using and advocating the use of Ethereum in application building for more than four years. And to promote decentralized platforms, the company has worked with more than twenty-five national and international companies.

XCELTRIP and BLOCKACTION are few of the Ethereum-based applications developed by Bitsbeat.

“We are honored to receive the grant, with this we will promote Blockchain developers, technology in the global space. This is a huge acknowledgment for the Blockchain community of Nepal and we will make it bigger together,” said Mr. Dinesh Lamsal, the CEO of Bitsbeat.

He also said, “Here are very limited companies working on Ethereum in Nepal. However, we have been working in this field from the very beginning. So, we will utilize the grant to further promote Ethereum through various commercial or educational videos, training workshops, webinars, meetups among others. Blockchain has immense scope in different domains. So, the Nepal Tech community needs to get together to explore and implement.”

Similarly, according to Mr. Sandeep Ranjit, Co-founder & Chief Blockchain Engineer, “Blockchain is on the verge of revolutionizing the future in so many sectors in many different ways. As a tech enthusiast, we are trying to adopt the essence in the various sectors. Plus, we encourage everyone to do the same”


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