iPhone SE 2020: What’s in the $399 iPhone?


Just a day after OnePlus announced its 8 series with the flagship level OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8. Apple has gone on to give us a surprise announcement of a brand new phone i.e The iPhone SE 2nd Generation(2020). You can say it’s a successor to the iPhone SE which Apple launched back in 2016. While OnePlus 8 Pro is going to come at $899 the iPhone SE 2020 will be available starting from $399. Yes, you heard it right; the new iPhone is cheaper than the new OnePlus phone. You can even label it as a flagship killer. The announcement has already sparked a lot of attention in the market already. Not only is it a brand new iPhone with high-quality specs but it is a lot cheaper as well.

First Impression of the iPhone SE 2020

iPhone SE 2020: What's in the $399 iPhone? 1

The iPhone SE 2nd generation is a mix of the iPhone 8 on the outside and the iPhone 11 on the inside. It features a 4.7” Retina HD display with a similar classic bezel design of Apple. There is also a power button that houses a fingerprint scanner. In short, it sports an old fashioned iPhone design. It’s a bit nostalgic for the ones who liked it.

The interesting part is what’s packed inside the phone. The phone is power-packed with the latest A13 Bionic chip as in the iPhone 11 models which is the best in any phone out there at the moment. Although it has a single camera, it is a 12MP camera most similar to the iPhone XR model with some new features added. The camera also has features such as Portrait mode and 4K video recording which makes it a stunning camera. Having looked at the photos released by Apple taken from the iPhone SE 2020, the camera seems highly impressive.

iPhone SE 2020 Black

Apple didn’t quite reveal the battery capacity but said that it was the same as the iPhone 8 which means it should be pretty good. Furthermore, with a smaller display and an efficient processor, the battery shouldn’t be much of a problem. The phone even has a Wireless charging option which is pretty exciting to have at this price. The phone is also rated IP67. It means that it can go upto a meter underwater for 30 minutes without damage.

Some other things to be noted are the phone is Dual SIM capable; it has WIFI 6 meaning better wifi connection. But, there is no headphone jack on this phone as well.

iPhone SE 2020: Price and Availability

iPhone SE 2020: What's in the $399 iPhone? 2

The iPhone SE 2020 is priced at $399 for the 64GB in the US. There is a $50 hike in price with an upgrade in storage. In Nepal, we expect it to be released for around Rs. 60,000 for the 64GB model. Similarly, the other two models(128GB/256GB) may be priced around Rs. 70,000 and Rs. 80,000.

The iPhone SE 2020 will be available in three variants: 64GB/128GB/256GB. The phone has a nice color finish to it. You’ll have three color options to choose from for this phone: Black, White, and Product Red.


If you have always thought of getting or switching to an iPhone but always been priced out of the new models then there probably won’t be a better deal than the iPhone SE 2020 any soon. The iPhone SE is a powerhouse of a performer, probably one of the best in the market with a quality iPhone camera. All this at a price as low as it gets for a new iPhone is quite a steal of a deal.

However, if you don’t like the old fashioned bezel design and a smaller screen than what the new phones have then you might want to pass on it. Besides that, the iPhone SE is looking like a superb value phone.


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