NIBL Launches “Paisa Pathaune” App for Nepalese in India


Nepal Investment Bank has recently launched “Paisa Pathaune App” where Nepalese staying in India can send the money to their people in Nepal anytime through their phone.

NIBL has partnered with BankonUs, India to initiate this service for Nepalese working/living in India so that they could transfer the funds to their family and others in a safe, secured and convenient way, even in bank holidays.
This arrangement by BankonUs to NIBL has been made in a way that the users can send the money from “Paisa Pathaune App” just like the way they use their digital wallets.

How does Paisa Pathaune App work?

Well, to send money from Paisa Pathaune App from India to Nepal, the Nepalese resident in India should compulsorily have a bank account in any bank of India. And they simply register in the app and send money to their recipients in Nepal. On the other side, the receiving party here in Nepal should have a bank account in any of the banks in Nepal. It is easier for the customers of NIBL itself, since the amount is directly deposited in their bank account.

Others having their bank account in other than NIBL can also get their money received from the clearing service of the banking system. They either transfer funds through remittance or connectIPS directly to the recipient’s account. Interesting fact is that the recipient party does not necessarily have to have an account in any Indian Bank or NIBL.
Nepal Investment Bank Limited is currently preparing the guiding contents for its customers to use “Paisa Pathaune App”. According to the bank itself, they are launching this material very soon.

The major requirements to use this service by Nepalese in India are:

  • Account in any bank of India
  • The sender must have to register in “Paisa Pathaune App”
  • They must submit the KYC and other required documents for registration and verification
  • The details of recipient must be provided

Transaction Limit and Charges

The money transfer facility can be done via this app, linked to your bank account with any bank in India. Maximum transaction limit per day is INR 50,000/- and per year is INR 6,00,000/-. The transfer can be made for a total of 12 times a year. Similarly, the service charge is flat INR 150/- per transaction.


NIBL has been existing as one of the leading banking institutions in Nepal with a history of 35 years of providing banking services. Along with that, it has also accelerated its pace in delivering digital banking services like online account opening, e-Banking, connectIPS, multiple digital wallet offers, free insurance of debit cards and so on. With the integration of NIBL and BankonUs, Nepalese can easily send the funds to their family and relatives in the home country from India in a safe, reliable and convenient way. It would wipe out the hassle of matching the banks for transferring funds, opting for the whole process of remittance or going through the risk while using Hundi. This service has finally been introduced in Nepal to cater the easy way to send money by Nepalese in India to Nepal. It is available in Google Playstore.

What do you think? Would it be a popular digital product across the country for the Nepalese? Drop down your comments.


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