Netflix is adding Video Games on its platform


Netflix, one of the most popular videos streaming platforms has announced that it is expanding into the video game market. The video streaming giant stated that it has already hired Mike Verdu, the former executive at Facebook and senior vice president of mobile at EA sports to lead its expansion into video games. Verdu has joined Netflix as the Vice President of Gaming. He will lead the company’s efforts to build the world’s best gaming experience on TV, across all major gaming consoles, mobile devices, and TV platforms.

Why is Netflix stepping into Video Games?

It may seem a little bit weird to know that Netflix, famed for the creation of world-class movies and TV shows is actually getting into game development. It’s not a coincidence that video games are mentioned in the same article as Netflix. Games are the key tools of the fourth industrial revolution. It makes more and more sense when you consider that Netflix is a media company, not just one specialized in making movies and TV shows. And much like other companies in the industry who want to build up their library of work, Netflix for years has been creating new wings. Earlier, it opened an online shop selling merchandise and partnering with big movie names like Steven Spielberg. It’s safe to say this is just the tip of the iceberg. Netflix is potentially venturing into uncharted territory as opposed to what many people believe are their core competencies.

We have seen all types of companies entering this arena. From Apple to Google and Facebook to Microsoft, almost every technology giant has already set out to conquer the world of virtual reality and video games. Microsoft recently bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Similarly, Google has announced Stadia, its own gaming platform for players on Android devices named stadia. 

Netflix also recently announced that they’re looking into creating games based on their own rather than licensing it out. That means they’re planning on a serious note and we may play some Netflix games after Netflix and chill sooner than expected. 

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