Nepal Ranks Second Among South Asian Countries in the latest Mobile Broadband Speed Test

There’s some encouraging news for mobile broadband users in Nepal as the connection speed has been improving recently. Ookla conducts global mobile broadband networks and fixed broadband speed tests regularly. It has also built applications and put out data as well as analysis regarding the same.

Mobile BroadBand Nepal

In the recent mobile broadband speed test conducted by Ookla Nepal ranked 111th from 116th place last month. Also, the connection speed has seen an improvement from an average speed of 10.32 Mbps to 14.35Mbps over the last year. This is mainly due to the spread of 4G networks throughout the country. NTC and Ncell have upped their game to ensure stable widespread 4G connection across Nepal. They are also providing more reliable as well as faster connectivity. Whereas, Smart cell has also been doing decent providing fast connection at limited areas.

Mobile Broadband Speed Test Nepal, April 2020

With this Nepal is also now ranked second among South Asian countries with Pakistan being ranked at 112th, Bangladesh 130th, India 132nd, and so on. The Maldives remains atop in the region at 66th spot with an average speed of 27.08 Mbps.

Global Mobile Broadband Speed Test, April 2020

Globally, South Korea ranks atop in terms of mobile broadband speed test with a download speed of 30.89Mbps; whereas Afghanistan ranked last at 130th spot with a download speed of 6.02Mbps. The other countries in the top 5 include Qatar, China, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.

Broadband Speed Test

However, when it comes to broadband service provided by ISPs such as Worldlink, Vianet, Subisu, Classictech, and so on; Nepal dropped from a rank of 110th to 118th in the connection speed test by Ookla. Among the various service providers ADSL has the least maximum speed available which maxes out at just 5Mbps. Yet, there are still more than 1 Lakh active users of ADSL in Nepal. Worldlink remains the most popular among the service providers in Nepal with its connection spread out across the country. It also arguably has the best fiber optic technology available in Nepal. The slowing down of internet speed is mainly due to the rise in internet consumption during the lockdown. It has subsequently created a lot of network traffic leading to disturbing connectivity. As reported, the internet consumption has increased by 40% during this lockdown. This in turn has seen Nepal have a 15% decrease in speed. According to the test, Nepal had an average download speed of 17.97Mbps and an upload speed of 17.34Mbps.

In the context of South Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh rank ahead of Nepal whereas Bhutan, Pakistan, and Afghanistan follow behind.

Globally, Singapore ranks top in fixed broadband connection speed test with a download speed of 198.46Mbps. The other countries in the top 5 include Hong Kong (176.7Mbps), Thailand (159.87Mbps), Switzerland (152.05Mbps), and Romania (151.87Mbps).

How to Check your Data/Wifi Speed?

Since, now many of you may be wondering how to test your data/internet speed. It is quite easy. You can just click on the speedtest link below by Ookla and you’ll get to know your download speed, upload speed as well as ping.

Ookla SpeedTest Link:

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