Watermark: Water Bill Payment Solution for Governing Bodies


Digitalization has brought in numerous possibilities for our convenience. Now people are realizing the enormous impact of digitalization and its benefits more than ever. From drinking water bill, electricity bill payment to shopping essentials it can all be done through digital payment. But how has all of this been possible? How are we even able to make online payments or transfer money to accounts?

Here, we’re going to have a look at one of the software that has been revolutionary in this field. The software “Watermark” was developed by Diyalo Technologies 5 years ago. I assume most of us have faced a situation where we have had to wait in long queues to pay our bills. Rather some of us might still be facing this issue if we haven’t opted for digital payment services.

What is WaterMark?

Water Bill Payment

Watermark is a fully automated web-based Online Billing and Accounting Software with integrated MIS and Online Payment mainly focused on water bill payment. This utility billing toolkit offers a flexible solution for governments and companies looking to both increase their efficiency and simplify their workflow. This software is for the companies and governing bodies to regulate the customers, it is not for individual customers.

What Watermark basically does is it helps to handle and maintain the overall drinking water bill payment. The software also has a mobile app for admin users that helps to view the reports from WaterMark from your phone. The software has been integrated into eSewa. This service was launched with an aim to simplify drinking water payments and make it convenient for the service providers to make the digitization reach individual customers. It has been rightly fulfilling its motto by making drinking water bill payment simpler.

Since its introduction 5 years ago, the number of users of the service has gradually increased. The service is currently benefitting more than 12,000 users at its origin district: Lekhnath. Likewise, Chitwan, Rupandehi, and Nawalparasi have been the hotspot for the use of this service. After the recent boom of Digital Payment services in the last year or so, the number of governing bodies opting for this service has also spiked. We can surely expect the use of such services to grow rapidly in the near future.


Diyalo Technologies have also incorporated a meter reading service termed “MeterMark” in Watermark. It allows you to read the meter of your drinking water bills simply with your Android device. It relieves from the need to carry different machines and files to read meters. This can be done with “MeterMark”. It also works offline and you can instantly print and upload bills.

Make Your Drinking Water Bill Payment Online

You can make your drinking water bill payment through eSewa as the Watermark service connects through this gateway to the governing bodies. For performing your online payment, you need to log into eSewa. Then, click on the payment option called “KhanePani” and fill in the required details. It will show you the amount of payment you need to make and verify it. It’s as easy as that and you can pay your bills from anywhere at any time.

You can go to eSewa’s website or download the eSewa app for further details.

The post-COVID-19 scenario has seen the digital sector flourish. With it being physically restricted to go out, we also aren’t able to pay our bills on time. The government and some companies have extended the time to pay bills to some extent. Yet, it is still unclear when things will get back to normal. Hence, such services of digitalization have become really handy at current times.


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