Join with Neema Academy to Celebrate Digital Learning Day on February 22


Neema Academy is organizing an internationally celebrated event called “Digital Learning Day” in Nepal on February 22, 2022.

With the international motto – “Together for Digital Education”, Neema Academy is organizing this event in Nepal for spreading digital literacy.

They have been organizing this event since 2019 as their CSR and this year they are planning to run the event virtually. This year, their motto for the Digital Literacy Day in Nepal is “अबको परिवर्तन, डिजिटल शिक्षासंगै“.

The event will be organized from Feb 22 to Feb 26, 2022, and will be broadcasted through their existing social media handles. It going to be a webinar event on Zoom which will be broadcasted on Neema Academy’s Facebook live and Youtube live. The event will take place in the morning and evening for these 4 days.

Carrying out different theme-based events, content, and engaging programs throughout the week, the event will proceed further. 

Why is Neema Academy continuing this legacy of Digital Learning Day?

After the outbreak of Covid-19, Nepal has adopted digital learning to a larger scale. Most of the schools and colleges adapted to online teaching methods via programs like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Hence, digital learning has become a new normal in these recent years which also indicates a progressive change in the field of education.

Regarding this event, Khim Bahadur Chhetri, Sr. Executive (Digital Marketing) of Neema Academy shares,

“The post-pandemic world is surely adapting to the digital learning methods where the students and learners will not be confined inside the four walls of the classroom. Rather, they will also get to learn about how the world is evolving and how they are also becoming a part of it. Hence, realizing the huge impact of digital learning in the lives of people, Neema Academy is organizing this event for the fourth time in a row. It is celebrating this event as a CSR event under its Digital Awareness Programs. “

What really is Neema Academy?


Neema Academy is a Nepali ed-tech startup formed in 2018 that aims to improve the existing education system through digitization. Formed as Neema Education Foundation and shortly known as Neema Academy, it is established to make the learning experience more fun and entertaining to the students so that they could learn it for a lifetime.

The team consists of experienced dignitaries who have been living a lot of years of their life teaching. It comprises academicians and educators with over 30 years of experience in the Nepali education sector.

By combining modern technology with education, they are trying to establish the practice of effective learning among the students by curating the courses on various subjects for different levels.

Currently, they are catering their courses through their unique Learning Management System (LMS) – Neema Academy App.

You can download the Neema Academy App from both Google Playstore and App Store.

The app presents an integrated solution with interactive learning programs and digital contents like:

  • On-demand videos,
  • Textual content,
  • 3D and animation-based content
  • Game-based learning and so on

How does Neema Academy App work?

There are simple steps that you can apply to get the most out of the Neema Academy App. After you download the app, you have to:

  • Create an account
  • Browse the courses and enroll there
  • You’ll have the privilege to practice anytime

For the school students, they have developed courses for 5 major subjects:

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Optional Maths
  • Computer Science

Currently, they are running in the fifth year where they have curated 166 courses, 1645 videos, 5956 articles, 2936 quizzes, and 138 games.

With these innovative programs, Neema Academy is aiming to transform the teaching-learning pedagogy in Nepal. It has recently partnered with The Doers and Viewfinders Productions in the web series- Pariwartan. You can watch it on YouTube.

Coming back to Digital Learning Day, What is Neema Academy offering to the attendees?

Not all webinars are boring. And when it is about Neema Academy, you can expect some interesting treats for these 4 days. At this event, you will learn with fun through Neema Academy’s program highlights:

  1. Digital GIFTs offering digital participate and win programs,
  2. Story sharing to the kids,
  3. Awareness on Digital Learning and its importance
  4. Giveaways,
  5. Special Announcement i.e. scholarships,
  6. Webinars and Discussions.

You can stay updated with Neema Academy through their Facebook and Youtube handles or simply visit their website for the program link.

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