Ncell’s Festive Offer: Get a chance to win smartphones every week


Telecom giant NCELL Axiata has introduced a special festive offer on the occasion of the upcoming Dashain Tihar and Chhath. The company has brought a Smartphone Feast with mobile phones up for grab every single week. The offer dubbed as Ncell’s Festive Offer aims to reward Ncell users on the occasion of upcoming Hindu festivals. 

Ncell’s new festive offer is a salutation from the network for its customers during sacred Hindu festivals. There is also a top-up offer under which a  lucky customer who receives top-up in Ncell number from their friends and family members from abroad and can win a smartphone every week. The offer lasts for five weeks till November 10, 2021. which means 110 smartphones can be won by lucky NCELL customers throughout the offer. 

Ncell’s Festive Offer: Eligibility criteria

To win a smartphone, customers need to receive a call of at least 2 minutes from abroad during the promotion period. Callers from Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia may take part. Customers who receive the highest number of incoming calls will get a chance to lay their hands on one of the 21 smartphones. NCELL will pick 21 winners every week: those with the most telephone calls that last an average length and telephone conversation. Winners will be selected on the basis of the frequency, average call duration, and total call duration (i.e. how long they spend on an individual phone call).

Participants must be subscribers of

  • DIGI, U Mobile
  • U Mobile
  • Celcom or
  • Maxis
  • Etisalat
  • Zain
  • Saudi Telecom Company (STC)

In the following countries:

  • Malaysia
  • UAE
  • Saudia Arabia.

Likewise, customers will also need to have their main balance recharged from abroad under the top-up offer and one customer will be selected as a winner on the basis of top-up from abroad and the amount of top-up. Winners will receive their smartphones from Ncell centers of their convenience. Similarly, those who receive calls from abroad will also receive Rs.20 bonus during the offer runtime. Ncell users will be qualified for the bonus after completing the second minute or higher per incoming international call. Users can utilize the bonus balance for calls and SMS within the Ncell network, and browsing. The bonus amount will stay valid for up to 3 days.

Here’s how you can activate this festive scheme:

To Activate this festive feat scheme, you just need to dial 17126 on your smartphone having an NCELL SIM card. Be sure to keep in mind that there is no charge involved in it and your main balance will not be deducted while activating this offer. Winners will receive their phones from Ncell Heda office  Lalitpur or  Ncell centers in the regions to their convenience.

Similarly, those who receive calls from abroad will receive Rs.20 bonus during the offer runtime. To earn the bonus, users must speak for 2 minutes or more per incoming international call received on your number (Ncell mobile number only). The more you make the call last, the more you get rewarded with Rs 20 per minute/call! Once you complete getting Rs 150 worth of rewards, your earned rewards will appear in your account; free to do whatever it is that you’d like to do with them.

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The post was written in order to inform the readers about the telecom giant NCELL Axiata’s special festive Offer on the occasion of the upcoming  Dashain Tihar and Chhath to reward Ncell users on the occasion of Hindu festivals..If you receive calls from those mentioned countries, you may have a chance of winning a smartphone this festive season. 


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