Nabil FoneLoan: Get Instant Bank Loan through Mobile Banking!


Nabil bank has commenced its new Nabil FoneLoan service where short term prior authorized loans are granted to customers instantaneously through the bank’s mobile banking platform.

nabil foneloan

This virtual credit card service started by Nabil bank is a fascinating step towards digitalization. Through Nabil Foneloan service, suitable customers can swiftly claim for virtual credit card loans using the bank’s mobile banking for loan amounts up to NPR  1 lakh. This digital lending utility offers collateral-free loans, microloans, and elevates the contactless digital lending experience for people. This will help streamline the payment process, promote cash management, and establish secure virtual transactions by mitigating the risk of revealing the card details to others. It puts an end to the conventional and outdated credit application approach since it is fully structured with the customer’s accounting system.

This digital lending upgrade is developed in the ongoing mobile banking model of Nabil bank supported by the innovative supplementary components like automated real-time credit decisions and virtual credit card. Nabil bank has initially addressed this service to paycheck account holders and will subsequently expand their target demographic.

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Visionary service like this will elevate the lives of many Nepali citizens. It will help people who lack assurance and it will upgrade their lives since they wouldn’t have to offer any asset or collateral to the bank for taking loans. This digital lending service will also support people who have steady employment; it will make credit transactions user friendly and reliable.  

Such a digital service brought by Nabil bank is a remarkable thing on its own and the fact that this virtual credit card service is being introduced for the first time in our country is completely phenomenal. What do you think about this virtual credit card service?


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