Moco Digital Wallet Launched in Nepal: Links Visa Cards with QR Code Payment


The launch of a new digital wallet is not a big deal these days. New digital wallets and PSPs are mushrooming in Nepal to compete in the digital payment systems market. However, what makes them different is a matter of concern.

Indeed, new fintech products are trying to offer something different and innovative. In this regard, Focusone Payments Solution has launched MOCO digital wallet which has something new for the users. In collaboration with the world’s leader in card payment services- VISA, this company has developed a digital wallet that uses your visa card number instead of loaded funds. Moreover, it specializes in QR-based payments where you pay to the merchants by scanning a QR code and paying through your visa card online.

This is the first card-based QR code payment service in Nepal

MOCO is a product of NRB licensed PSP Focusone Payments Solutions. The company had launched this app early in 2014. They had planned to partner it with Alipay and VISA to integrate cards and QR code-based payments. However, due to NRB’s licensing requirements and other factors, it has been launched lately on September 2021.

For the first time in Nepal, the users can link their VISA cards directly to a digital wallet and make payments through a Quick Response (QR) code to the merchants.

Since most of the banks in Nepal provide VISA cards to their customers, any of the banking customers can use the MOCO app.

What can you do with Moco Digital Wallet?

Since QR-based payments and Near Field Communication (NFC) based contactless payments are gaining momentum in Nepal, MOCo has entered as an enabler in this payment method. In MOCO, you do not need to load funds as in other digital wallets. What you simple do is, just add any of the VISA debit/credit cards by entering the required details. Then every time you make payments from this app to any merchant, you can scan a QR code and it uses your card rather than loaded funds.

For debit cards, it uses your bank balance while for credit cards, it uses the credit limit on your card service. For the initial phase, Focus one has collaborated with Nepal Investment Bank to provide this service. NIBL customers can pay through their Visa card while making QR-based payments from the MOCO app. Since VISA is the prime card operator for most banks, any banking customer with a VISA card can use the MOCO app for making payments. By adding their VISA cards on their phone, the users can get rid of carrying their physical cards everywhere.

Available Features

Moco Digital Wallet

MOCO provides a range of payment options to its users who add their cards with it. And it gives you the power to choose any of the cards you have linked there. For that, one must verify their account, simply known as a KYC. As per the NRB’s provision, you need to verify your KYC to perform transactions of more than Rs 5,000 per month from the digital wallets.

After you have verified your account, MOCO allows you to pay for multiple purposes like telecom, internet, water and electricity, television, and flight tickets. Similarly, you can choose between Nepali or English language at your convenience. For more comfort, you can also choose fingerprint login to save your time in entering the PIN. Moreover, it is safe and secure since it complies with PCI-DSS certification.

One of its unique features is that, if you allow your location access to this wallet, it shows you the stores for online shopping.

How to register in Moco Digital Wallet ?

  1. Download MOCO from Google Playstore for Android or App Store for iOS.
  2. Sign up for MOCO account with your details
  3. You will get a 6 digit OTP to set your login PIN.
  4. Then set your new PIN and login
  5. You can also add fingerprint login
  6. Then you can add your card by providin the details

Can MOCO be a gamechanger in payment eco-system of Nepal?

The PSPs in Nepal are competing for their unique features these days. Even, early starters like eSewa, IME Pay, Khalti, etc. are updating and upgrading their service time and again. Being different is a challenge for each new entrant in any market. MOCO has introduced the first of its kind of service in Nepal where one can simply carry the card on the phone. Since VISA has the widest network of electronic payment cards in Nepal amongst other operators, MOCO users can enjoy greater interoperability through it.

In this regard, MOCO acts as a single digital wallet for multiple bank cards. Furthermore, QR code payment is becoming popular in Nepal as it is an easy and faster option for contactless payments. Data from NRB speaks that QR code payments increased to Rs 1.97 billion between 2077 and 2078. The trend is still increasing with lots of petty merchants adding QR code options in their business. We can be hopeful that MOCO would be a go-to wallet for making digital payments in the days to come.


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