Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp go down for several hours | Funny side of the outage


Facebook along with its prominent apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, simultaneously went down globally. Nepalese users also faced difficulties accessing Facebook’s servers. They joined millions of users on Twitter and various other social media sites from around the globe to lament the outage on Monday evening. 

How can a Global outage occur on Facebook? 

Facebook is one of the largest tech giant in the world with an enormous network, and it is no easy task to bring it down. And that’s what makes the news so shocking. The incident occurred last evening and it took almost 6 hours to resolve it. The company hasn’t said much about the incident but did confirm that this was not a breach of their systems. There is no word yet on what caused this outage, or how many people were affected. However, the fact that the entire network including WhatsApp and Instagram would be affected is a bit concerning. Those are some of Facebook’s most popular services, and it is troubling that the network could go offline without warning. At first glance, it seems like an issue around the DNS server of Facebook. 

According to Brian Krebs, a well-known cyber security expert, Facebook’s DNS records have been removed from the global routing tables Facebook.com, Instagram.com, as well as other Facebook-owned domain names presumably, may have their records wiped out from the internet database. 

The funnier side of the Facebook outage

Several social media giants including WhatsApp Twitter as well as its CEO jack Dorsey made fun of and created loads of memes regarding the outage. Twitter addressed the mass in its tweet to which tons of social sites, famous brands as well as WhatsApp and Instagram engage in an interesting discussion and brand exposure. 

Don’t miss out 

Dorsey even retweeted and cheekily expressed his interest in buying the coveted domain name of facebook.com after a user actually put the Facebook.com domain for sale. 

Some tweets by our side too. We are always active and always react after confirmation only .

Outages are not uncommon for apps. However, to have so many interconnected apps at the company go down at the same time is rare. The company has been trying to integrate the underlying technical infrastructure of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram for several years and we hope the error gets fixed as soon as possible. 

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