Ministry of Education to Provide Free Internet to Students from Asoj


The pandemic has brought about changes in the traditional way of learning. So, The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology passed a Student Learning facilitation guideline on the 19th of Bhadra to provide free internet to students. The guideline mentions the responsibility of ministries, local bodies, and different levels to facilitate learning during this pandemic. Also, under the role of ministry, it clearly states how internet facilities must be provided for free of cost or at a subsidized rate. Such packages will be available only for learning purposes.

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has made arrangements to provide free internet to students and schools from Ashoj, 2077 to facilitate e-learning. The teaching-learning process continues despite the circumstance, but it is not feasible for everyone. A large section of students is still our of ISPs and have to purchase data packages to attend their classes, and many learners cannot buy such packages every single time. This hinders the learning process for students as well as the teaching process for the teachers. So, to help the students, the Ministry of education, science, and technology has decided on providing free internet services. Some telecom companies have also made data packs available for online classes, but those packs have been deemed unaffordable.

How will this plan be implemented?

Ministry of Education makes it mandatory to implement this directive. MOE has instructed the federal, state, local level bodies, and stakeholders to implement it from Asoj 1, 2077.

The information regarding the implementation of the directive states that the government at all three levels should implement it. A favorable environment will help in learning to take place at this dire time. The implementation of this directive is also mandatory to achieve the learning achievements mentioned in the National Curriculum draft.

The implementation of this directive is yet to happen. Proper facilities can help make the learning process smooth and effective. Initiatives like this will create a positive impact on students and will also show that the government prioritizes education.

Do you think this initiative will be implemented?


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