Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world is unique because of its ability to predict the present and give a glimpse of what the future will be like. Recently, the tech giant announced Windows 365 with which you can access your Windows computer from any time anywhere regardless of the device hardware.   Microsoft has made it possible to access your pc from the cloud with the introduction of Windows 365.

What is Microsoft Windows 365 

Windows 365 is the latest offering from Microsoft for users who want a cloud PC. The offering brings the concept of a cloud PC to reality. With Windows 365, customers will be able to create a PC and then seamlessly connect it to cloud services and applications. From there, Windows 365 users will be able to access their applications, files, and data from any device at any time. Windows 365 is the commercially available subscription-based new service from Microsoft which pulls customer data from any source, including a customer’s own device, and delivers it anytime, anywhere, to any device. Windows 365 is an example of a new kind of SaaS-powered innovation that is reshaping how we access our computers and perform tasks on the go. Windows 365 is introduced to allow businesses to access Windows 10 and Windows 11 in any configuration to open up greater possibilities for enterprise and small-scale operations. 

Microsoft teams is getting a Walkie Talkie feature soon

 Many companies are adopting cloud-based IT solutions to help streamline the way they work these days. With data being spread over the cloud, security will be the main concern and users need to be assured that their sensitive data is safe from prying eyes? Windows 365 is touted to offer enterprise-level security and privacy feature with multi-factor encryption to safeguard user data. Windows 365 will be available in two configurations depending upon the user preference. Windows 365  customers can seamlessly sync their whole windows operating system on the cloud and access it anytime anywhere. The Cloud-only subscription is only for people who don’t need the new desktop app. The second version will not only feature the desktop app but will also include the new Windows security features. It will cost more than the cloud-only version, but it will also get the same features as Windows 11. Windows 365 is said to be in development for many years and it is expected to release on August 2. Microsoft is going to start a Windows 365 Innovation Program that will constantly improve the workflow and seamless integration of Windows over the cloud.

In addition to simply working from anywhere, users will also be able to choose from a number of personalization options that are often missed when working from a personal device. It should be noted that Windows 365 is an updated version of the company’s previous offering, Windows To Go. Unlike Windows To Go, Windows 365 will be a subscription-based product that will provide additional features, such as support for the business apps that offices need the most.


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