Mero Beema; Nepal’s Largest Insurance Aggregator Launched


If you do not want to reply upon insurance agents while buying insurance policies, Mero Beema will help you out. It is a new product in the market launched just today, that helps you make decisions regarding your insurance policies.

Mero Beema is officially launched today as Nepal’s largest insurance aggregator amid an event at Hotel Mariott, Kathmandu. It was inaugurated by the Minister of Informations and Communications Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki at the Futuristic, Banking & Insurance Summit 2022, presented by the company itself.

The event took place with some panel discussions where the speakers from banks and financial institutions of Nepal and India shared the stage and gave their valuable insights.

Mero Beema
Official Launch of Mero Beema Platform

The major attendees were Beema Samiti’s Chair Surya Prasad Silwal, Deputy Governor Dr. Neelam Dhungana Timisina, and Dr. Bishnu Prasad Gautam, former Director of Nepal Rastra Bank.

Similarly, Dr. Amitabh Rajan, Chairperson of RBI India Service Council; and Bal Krishna Shiwakoti, Director of Mega Bank and Member of Investment Board Nepal also shared the stage.

Altogether 5 panel discussions on various topics related to the digitalization of “Insurance and Bank” were conducted in the event.

Regarding the launch, the CEO himself, Shankar Ghimire shared,

“Mero Beema is Nepal’s largest insurance platform that is developed to integrate overall information about insurance including life, non-life and health insurance products within a single platform. Combining all 19 life insurance companies and 19 non-life insurance companies, our mobile app and website will provide our users the freedom to check and compare the insurance policy products under a single platform and easily make decisions.”

What is Mero Beema?

Mero Beema is the product of Sarathi Agency Pvt. Ltd. that aims to make every necessary information available about insurance including both life and non-life insurance products.

The company started its operation in Mangsir, 2021 as Nepal’s largest aggregator and marketplace of insurance products.

Mero Beema’s primary goal is to make purchasing insurance policies easier so that consumers can compare the products under a single platform.

The price, the quality, and the primary benefits are the three criteria used to compare various insurance policies. Customers are given accurate information about insurance products, enabling them to make wise decisions.

Mero Beema started its operations since 2021. Now it has its own mobile app and website to allow every information you require regarding the insurance policies. You can download the Mero Beema app for both Android and iOS.

Main Features

  • Search, Compare and Buy Insurance Policies
  • Insurance premium calculator
  • Instant renewal of insurance policies
  • Claim assistance
  • Insurance news
  • Digital diaries
  • Refer and earn

Remember that, you will need to pay Rs 100 as an entry charge to get access of the entire portal in the mobile app.

Mero Beema

Mero Beema aims to link technology with finance and provide easy access of information to the users. As insurance is an important investment in from both financial and precautionary perspective in human life, buying a promising and reliable insurance policy can be a quite hassle for many.

While you can see insurance agents trying to persuade you to buy the insurance policies of a particular insurance company, now you can simply log in to Mero Beema app and check on your own. Then, you can compare various insurance plans and benefits under those plans and take a decision after calculating your probable insurance expenses. The team of Mero Beema has informed that they will be adding more features in the app time and again.

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