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Recently, the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training has published a notice in order to inform all the concerned Nepali Citizens (who meet the qualification criteria) to submit an application form for admission in the classified scholarship quota for Pre-Diploma level in approved private, partnership, tax, and private educational institutions. The Pre-Diploma level is an 18-months scholarship program. Applicants will have to fill out the Online Application Form for the CTEVT Scholarship by choosing the primary school and the district of the examination center where they will give the exam by paying the entrance examination fee. The deadline for applying for the CTEVT Scholarship is 29th Shrawan, 2079.

The number of CTEVT Scholarship quotas will be the same for Classified (Free) Scholarship in each educational program, whatever the number of students enrolled at the pre-diploma level in educational institutions (run by the council, partners, community, and private level, scholarships) be.

The classified (free) scholarship quotas to be maintained according to the decision of the council office are as follows:



1MadheshBagmatiGandakiLumbiniKarnaliSu. Pa
Pre-Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)   393099878132192660
Pre-Diploma in Livestock production/ Animal Health 30247833243030249
Pre-Diploma in Veterinary Science 300324244599
Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering 51518427576366399
Pre-Diploma in Electrical Engineering 156301233918123
Pre-Diploma in Electronics Engineering 00003003
Pre-Diploma in Water supply and Sanitary Engineering 00303006
Pre-Diploma in Survey Engineering 12153249672
Pre-Diploma in Computer Engineering 24302762799132
Pre-Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 006090017
Pre-Diploma in Automobile Engineering 0043120019
Pre-Diploma in Refrigeration and Conditioning Engineering 00003003
Pre-Diploma in Hotel Management 00050005
Pre-Diploma in Culinary Arts00630009
Pre-Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development 00300036
Pre-Diploma in Social Mobilization 00603009
Pre-Diploma in Computer Application and Secretarial Management 00003003
Total 1721463611823032763691814

In accordance with the guidelines for admission of Nepalese citizens for the academic session 2079/80, the total number of determined quotas shall be maintained at 100 percent. The number will be divided into two groups, general and target category of 50-50 percent. Then, free scholarships will be provided as per the number mentioned in the guidelines

Fee (categorized) scholarship will be provided to eligible Nepali citizens of the general class by keeping the number of seats fixed at 100%. Whereas, Nepali citizens of the target class who have qualified as specified will be provided with free (classified) scholarships in the number of seats according to the program, keeping the percentage as mentioned at 100%.

Reserved Quotas for CTEVT Scholarship

As per the notice provided by CTEVT;  among all the quotas reserved, percentages allocated for different groups are as follows:

Application for CTEVT Scholarship Are Now Open 1

  • 33% of the total reserved quotas are for women
  • 9% of Dalit Nepali citizens
  • 15% for indigenous citizens
  • 17% for Khas and Areas
  • 12% for Madhesi 
  • 4% for Tharu
  • 2% for Muslim
  • 4% for people of rural 
  • 2% for differently-abled citizens
  • 2% collectively for families of martyrs, families of a missing person, families of wounded warriors, and victims of conflict.

Minimum educational qualifications for admission to Pre-Diploma level:

  • If the student gave an exam before the implementation of the alphabet system, they must be S.L.C. passed.
  • Participated in the examination of all the subjects of SEE and obtained a minimum grade of E
  • Appeared examination of all subjects of SEE and got grade sheet.

How to Submit the Online Application Form for CTEVT Scholarship?

The online form for the CTEVT Scholarship will be available from the 15th of Shrawan, 2079 and the deadline for submission is the 29th of Shrawan, 2079. The entrance exam will be conducted on the 3rd of Bhadra, 2079 at 2 pm. You must pay Rs. 500 for appearing on the CTEVT Scholarship entrance exam. 

Follow the steps below to submit the online form for CTEVT Scholarship:

  1. Go to or to 
  2. Click on the classified online form.
  3. Choose the program of your choice and then click on “New user
  4. Enter your personal details accordingly and click on proceed.
  5. Click on the “Pay now” tab and choose the online wallet through which you can pay for the entrance exam. Proceed with the payment process. 
  6. After payment is ensured, create a password. Once you have created the account and logged in, the classified online scholarship application form will open.
  7. Fill in all the required details.
  8. Attach a passport-size photo, your signature, and all necessary documents, and proceed.

Documents to be Submitted with the Application Form for CTEVT Scholarship

  • Certified copy of Nepali citizenship or birth registration certificate
  • A certified copy of the letter from the Education Development and Co-ordination Unit of the concerned district, school, and the council’s educational institution, respectively, stating that it is a government or community school. 
  • In the case of Dalits, Madhesi/Muslim, indigenous people, Khas, Arya, and Tharu, a copy of the certificate of identity from the respective municipality/ commission/ District Administration Office.
  • In the case of disappeared persons, martyrs’ families, injured, and their families, a copy of the certificate and relationship certificate was certified by the concerned district administration office.
  • In the case of a disabled person, a certified copy of the disabled person’s identity card is issued by the relevant office of the Government of Nepal. 
  • Attested copy of the educational certificate of minimum educational qualification or equivalent.

Terms and Conditions of the CTEVT Scholarship

  • The scholarship will not be provided if there comes a situation to not carry out educational activities of it. 
  • Students who have received scholarships from the council will have to go and serve at the place assigned by the Government of Nepal for a specified period of time after their studies.
  • Any examinee will receive only one scholarship of his/her choice.
  • Suppose, it is found that the scholarship has been obtained by submitting fake documents with the intention of getting the scholarship then in such a case, the council has the right to cancel the registration and take action against the candidate. Such examinees will not be included in any type of examination conducted by the council for 5 years. 
  • Candidates who obtain scholarships and are admitted are not required to pay any kind of fee charged by the educational institution they are studying. However, they have to pay a hostel fee.
  • Required certificates to be submitted in the online application form must be included. The application form of the candidates who do not include the required certificates will be automatically rejected.
  • Applicants applying for this scholarship will compete at the provincial level where they have submitted their application form.
  • There will be one application form for this scholarship for the general group and target group where you should indicate which category you belong.
  • The concerned council and provincial office will prepare the result and publish the result based on the highest score and recommend for admission and also publish it on the website of the council, provincial office, examination control office, and the council.

Additional Information About the CTEVT Scholarship

  • Students who are on the merit list of the scholarship will not be transferred to the scholarship even if the scholarship quota remains vacant after being enrolled in the full fee quota.  
  • Students who have completed the qualification according to the guidelines for the CTEVT scholarship program can fill out the online application form from any province they are eligible to study. However, the scholarship selection application form will be filled out at the provincial level according to the merit order
  • The council earnestly requests the concerned students, parents, and stakeholders to conduct the admission process in a dignified and fair manner
  • For more information, contact the provincial offices of the council, Itahari, Janakpur, Hetouda, Pokhara, Butwal, Birendranagar, Dhangadhi, and the examination control office of the council, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

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