List of C-ASBA Charges for Different Banks: Check which Bank has the Lowest Fee [Updated 2022]


A few years back, a new rule was implemented in Nepali Stock Market whereby investors could buy primary and rights shares online only after the Centralised Application Supported by Blocked Amount (C-ASBA) process. This system was brought to reduce hassles for investors, issue managers, and the banks through which investors submit their applications to buy shares on the stock exchange. Different commercial banks of Nepal take different C-ASBA charges for providing the service.

What is C-ASBA?

C-ASBA is the charge that some of the banks of Nepal take as a small amount of money to apply IPOs. Some of the banks charge high amounts whereas some don’t take any C-ASBA charges. C-ASBA helps in ensuring centralized posting and verification of bank account numbers and DMAT account numbers. Similarly, it also eases monitoring of double applications for issue managers and share registrars, cancellation of applications upon double applications, and preparing a final report for securities allocation. Currently, Standard Chartered Bank has the highest charge RS 100 whereas many banks are also providing it for free.

C-ASBA Charges in Commercial banks

Banks and financial institutions take different CASBA charges according to their internal rule and regulation. Some banks charge high CASBA charges whereas some BFIs provide free CASBA services. So, here is the latest data about the C-ASBA Charge of Nepali Banks.

S.NName of BanksSymbolCharge (RS)
1.Nabil Bank LimitedNABILFree
2.Nic Asia BankNICAFree
3.Mega Bank LimitedMEGAFree
4.Rastriya Banijya BankRBBFree
5.Nepal Credit And Commercial Bank LimitedNCCB10
6.Agricultural Development Bank LimitedADBL10
7.Bank of Kathmandu LimitedBOKL10
8.Civil Bank LimitedCBL10
9.Prabhu Bank LimitedPRVU10
10.Machhapuchhre BankMBL10
11.Sunrise Bank LimitedSRBL10
12.Prime Commercial BankPCBL10
13.Nepal Bangladesh Bank LimitedNBB10
14.Siddhartha Bank LimitedSBL10
15.Nepal Bank LimitedNBL10
16.Global IME BankGBIME15
17.Everest Bank LimitedEBL20
18.Nepal Investment Bank LimitedNIB20
19.NMB Bank LimitedNMB20
20.Kumari Bank LimitedKBL20
21.Citizen Bank International LimitedCZBIL20
22.Sanima Bank LimitedSANIMA20
23.Himalayan Bank LimitedHBL20
24.Century Commercial Bank LimitedCCBL25
25.Laxmi Bank LimitedLBL25
26.Nepal SBI Bank LimitedSBI25
27.Standard Chartered BankSCB100

Many Banks that used to provide free C-ASBA service have started to charge some amount for this service. The reason behind it is that in the current scenario, many companies are making an initial public offering. Similarly, the number of investors applying for IPO has also increased drastically which helps the Banks and Financial institutions to make easy revenue from the C-ASBA service.

C-ASBA Charges in Development Banks and Finance

Here is the list of some of the development banks and finance with their respective charges.

S.NName of BanksSymbolCharge (RS)
1.Garima Bikas BankGBBLFree
2.Mahalaxmi Bikas BankMLBL10
3.Muktinath Bikas BankMNBBL10
4.ICFC FinanceICFC25

Which Banks in Nepal Offer Free ASBA?

The following Nepali Commercial Banks are Offering free ASBA service in Nepal.

  • Mega Bank Limited
  • Nabil Bank Limited
  • NIC Asia Bank Limited
  • Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited
  • Garima Bikas Bank

What is CRN Number?

C-ASBA Registration Number (CRN) is the unique number that connects BOID (Demat Number) and the Bank Account of Investors. CRN number is provided by the respective banks to the investors after verifying the BOID. Only those who obtained CRN can apply for the publicly issues securities such as IPO, FPO, Right Shares, Mutual Funds, Debentures.

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