iPhone 14 Series to Ditch Physical SIM Card Slot


A phone with no SIM CARD slot. Is it smart or foolish? With the increasing popularity of e-SIM there is no less though that Apple would want to move its step on it further. Moreover an eSIM (electronic SIM) is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without the need for a physical nano-SIM.

In this article we will learn everything about the rumors. Including the Pros and Cons of SIM CARD slot-less phone.

Apple’s Previous Approach

The new iPhones are the first Apple phones to allow dual eSIM. Which means they can utilize two eSIMs at the same time. A physical nano-SIM slot is still available on all iPhone 13 models. Which majorly began from Chinese manufactures.

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What rumors has to say?

The iPhone 15 Pro was rumored to be the first iPhone to drop support for physical SIM cards. However, MacRumors now claims that Apple could ship eSIM-only iPhones as early as September 2022.

Looking through a document obtained by the outlet, which appears to be genuine but does not identify Apple or the iPhone. The company is working with major US carriers to prepare users for eSIM-only iPhones. And may begin selling iPhone 13 models without a physical SIM card in the box in the second quarter of next year. According to the rumored September 2022 deadline, some iPhone 14 versions will come without a SIM card slot. However there is no solid proof to back this up at this time.

Even if the iPhone 14 does not have a SIM card slot, Apple is likely to sell physical SIM card models in regions where eSIMs are not yet commonly used.

Moreover, they are “in agreement with recent rumors regarding the removal of the physical SIM card tray” according to leaker @dylandkt. He is who has a good track record with Apple leaks.

Pros and Cons of not having SIM Card slot


  • Promotes eSIM
  • Remote Provisioning
  • Space saving
  • No worries about those tiny SIM-ejector


  • No disconnection from cellular network
  • Will have to manufacture a different design for places without eSIMs
  • Fear of getting hacked

This all about the rumors about SIM Card slot-less iPhones. Along with our own opinions. Will keep you updated on further notices from Apple itself. Have a great day !!


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