IBM Creates the World’s First 2 Nanometers Processor


IBM, one of the oldest computer manufacturer and pioneer of modern computing devices announced that it has created the world’s first 2nm chip. The 2nm chips which will go into mass production in late 2024 are said to be 45% faster than the current 5nm processors. IBM  managed to pack 50 billion transistors using the new process in just  150 square millimetres. IBM states that these processors will be the size of fingernails and 75% more power-efficient than the current ones. 

What actually are nm in processors?

Reading the topic you may wonder, what is this nm in processors? Actually, nm is the short form of nanometres which equals one billionth of a meter. In the field of chip fabrication nm refers to the size of the individual transistors inside the CPU and the distance between transistors and other components within the CPU are measured in that unit. The smaller the distance, the more transistors can be placed within the same area. The closeness in the components of the CPU increases the data transfer speed between the CPU and its other units resulting in faster and more powerful processors.  chips with less nm consume less voltage to operate and therefore, use less power and generate less heat. 

 2nm chip is  the product of IBM’s approach of taking on hard tech challenges and a demonstration of how breakthroughs can result from sustained investments and a collaborative R&D ecosystem approach.”

Darío Gil, SVP and Director of IBM Research

IBM already partnered with both Samsung and Intel who will integrate this process into their future production.IBM Believes that the new chip design will be the foundation for future processors and the potential benefits of these advanced 2-nm chips will be crucial for today’s most advanced semiconductors.

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