Final Event of Hult Prize at KSL Successfully Conducted


The final event of hult prize at KSL was started as planned in April 2. Ms Nikki Gautam , as a moderator welcomed all judges Hempal Shrestha, Nipun Shakya and Anup Ghimire. Panel of judges graced the event with their presence by welcoming all the participants and wishing them best for their pitches. Moderator extended thank you note for all the speakers of the event. Also, moderator extended a thank you note to the sponsors and supporting partners- October inn, The Cliff , The Burger House and Crunchy Fried Chicken and The Cookie Factories.

Additionally, TechSathi and Nepal times were the media partners. The Clinch Advertisings and Asterdio were the digital partners and lastly Daraz was the ecommerce partner. Miss Ashika Chapagain, Deputy Campus Director welcomed all the participants and judges to the event. Representative from Hult Prize community, Krishangi Gautam addressed the audience by explaining the rationale of the Hult Prize.

Furthermore, advisor Nikhil Dangol addressed the event. He shared his experience regarding hult prize and extended his best wishes to the participants. Executive director of KSL, Prof Dr. Yubraj Sangraula welcomed all the participants and judges in the event. He further explained how the role of youth is mandatory for the nation building and gave words of encouragement. Moderator Abhinav Singh Thapa, enumerated the rules of the event. There were total of the 10 teams in final competition. Each teams were allocated with 8 minutes after the idea presentation of all the team the winner was announced.

Winners of Hult Prize at KSL

Out of the 10 participating teams in Hult Prize at KSL, 3 winners were selected.

Winner team- VOCAL FOR LOCAL

Hult Prize at KSL
  • In recent days massive concern of common people towards the legal issues and procedures. Likewise, law and justice is undoubtedly the fundamental need of all common citizens. Such concern brought the idea of bringing law to online platform through their app “Mero adalat”.
  • App has the dual language option i.e. Nepali and English.
  • It leads to a page with basic legal information on offer, procedural process of citizenship, passport, legal certificates, and registration of cases and so on.
  • Importantly, it offers a facility of online legal counseling with 15 minutes of free service and certain charge with exceeding time.
  • They shall connect their app with law firms from every nook and corner of the country and also register lawyers with their valid credentials with certain commisional provision. It can also help legal students with opportunity of internship and essential notes. Hence, app will have the essential utility for everyone from legal fraternities and also all common citizens from the nation.
  • This essentially promotes the economic standard of huge graduates coming from the legal studies. Similarly, the unpopular law firms will get recognition and establishment along with considerable earning. Similarly, this app will host the platform for legal internships and publicity of legal research and articles.
  • Therefore, this app shall easily create the economic upliftment of people in legal field and serve the societal purpose of justice and legal effectively.

1st Runner up – ART AND CRAFT

Final Event of Hult Prize at KSL Successfully Conducted 2
  • Their idea is about the handmade arts and crafts from different communities which can be taken as the factor of opportunities for housewives, unemployed and many more people.
  • It is the platform to show their creativity as well as showcase of our arts, culture, architecture and crafts at foreign countries.
  • Their objective is to provide job opportunities and conservation of our Nepalese culture which is in the verge of extinction.
  • As the majority of women are housewives specially in backward society so through their business ideas, many housewives may get employment opportunity since they could work staying at their home and also it doesn’t require any kind of degree and is easy to pursue the knowledge so anyone can easily work.
  • Their business is not that expensive so within less investment one can startup this business with limited skills which can enhance monetary system of the country. After the involvement in this business one can be better skilled.

2nd runner up- PHOENIX

Final Event of Hult Prize at KSL Successfully Conducted 3

Team Phoenix is a tourism-related business.

  • Tourists can choose their companions based on their preferences. It is similar to a match making site where visitors have numerous choices amongst various employed youths who get to choose their local travel partners. While the concept of bringing tourists and other locals together through an online medium is relatively new, tourism has a long history. Team Phoenix offers a wide range of services to its customers.
  • Religious Tourism, Community Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Night Time Companionship, Festive and Events Companions and Research companionship are the major services.
  • For instance, a person from the Newar Community registered with Team Phoenix, living in Bhaktapur area can make money by showing tourists around the city’s monuments, such as the Durbar square, as well as Newari culture, traditions and cuisines.
  • Thus, the primary focus is laid down upon students or youths who are preferable and amicable companions to all. They can do part-time jobs making out money who avail the tendency of becoming rather more genuine.

At the end of the final event of Hult Prize at KSL, Exciting gifts were also provided to all the winner teams. Winners were provided with stay cation at The Cliff. Likewise, 1st runner ups were provided with one night stay at the OCTOBERINN with breakfast. Similarly, 2nd runner ups we’re provided with food vouchers at the BURGER HOUSE AND CRUNCHY FRIED CHICKEN MID BANESWOR worth Rs. 2500.

Further, Daraz provided a gift voucher of Rs. 500 to all the winners. At the end of the session prof. Yubraj Sangroula provided the closing speech with that the vote of thanks and closing remarks was also provided by Campus Director Ms.Anjali Tiwari. Hence, Hult Prize at KSL was formally ended.

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