Hult Prize KSL organized Information Session to better understand Hult Prize


Recently, on 29th January, an Information session was organized by Hult prize KSL to help better understand about the Hult prize. The session which was moderated by Ms. Renisha Ghimire lasted almost 2 hours with a lot of interaction, discussion, and questions. In the event, former community builder Mr. Sujen Shrestha gave some wonderful insights in the session. He also answered all the participants’ questions and provided as much information as he could.

What Happened in the Session?

The event began as the moderator asked the participants what they thought about the Hult prize and its objectives. Several participants enthusiastically answered what they know regarding the Hult Prize. After this, the milestones of Hult prize were introduced, which includes on campus program and regional summits. The session also informed its participants on the benefits of the Hult prize which includes global learning, skill development, social entrepreneurship, and human-centered design.

Similarly, the achievements of the Hult prize in Nepal were mentioned in the session, which includes 55 on-campus programs last year to more than 70 on-campus in the present year as well as more than 1500 startups, more than a thousand articles publication and 90 participants in impact summit organized in Nepal.

Hult Prize KSL

Furthermore, the event focused on imparting knowledge on what the interested participants needed to do and answering their queries about the regulations of team forming and other details. Not only did the session inform the participants about how the judges would score their presentation but also provided some examples of startups to give the participants an idea about what they needed to do.

Finally, participants were encouraged to ask about their confusion and raise questions. Amidst many fruitful discussions, it was known that new ideas for creating job opportunities must target the problem that evolved after Covid-19. It could be either related to goods or services. It was also revealed that apart from the winner other participants were highly likely to be sought out by the judges, capitalists, venture if their idea is loved. The session ended as the organizers gave a note of thanks and a digital Token of Love to Mr. Sujen Shrestha.

What is Hult Prize?

Hult Prize is an annual social entrepreneurship competition that challenges students to build businesses that contribute to and create a pathway for a better world. It was started by Ahmad Ashkar in 2010 with the vision of ’empowering business minds to pursue purpose’. Presently, Hult Prize has a $1 Million global startup prize.

The Hult Prize challenges students to use business ideas in solving pressing social problems centered on various social issues. This year’s Hult Prize addresses the issue of unemployment. It calls students to create businesses that employ at least 2,000 people by 2024 while also making a positive impact on the world.

Hult Prize Global Challenge 2022

Due to the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of individuals have lost their jobs while others are earning partial income. ILO estimated 114 million jobs were lost due to the pandemic. More so, they’ve stated that it wouldn’t get better even after a year or more. Therefore, the Hult Prize global challenge this year is getting the world back to work. Focusing on growing global while acting local, the Hult prize is primarily focused on creating 2000 employment opportunities by 2024 locally.

About Speaker – Mr. Sujen Shrestha

Mr. Shrestha is a former community builder of Hult Prize Nepal Community 2021/22. Along with undoubted skills in community building, he is an aspiring mechanical engineering student at Pulchowk Campus, IOE. The journey of Mr. Shrestha at the Hult Prize started as a participant in 2018/19. He has a potpourri of experience in the Hult Prize as a Campus Director, Deputy Community Builder, and now as a community builder. He has also been associated with organizing the 1st ever Kathmandu Impact Summit in Nepal as a co-host.

Final Words

In a nutshell, this session was absolutely brilliant to learn about the Hult Prize for those unaware of its existence. Through the event, the overall process of participating in the Hult Prize, its selection process, and its objectives were thoroughly known. Hult Prize KSL pledges that the session isn’t the end of information sharing and they will be back with more sessions and activities. You can regularly check the updates on the upcoming session and activities through their Facebook page.

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