As we are approaching the hot season, EV owners are looking for the answer to a very important question of “How to save electric vehicles from fire in the summer season?” In recent times there is a lot of news surfacing about how easily different electric vehicles catch on fire. There have been many viral videos where suddenly electric vehicles catch on fire and turn into ashes. The number of cases of EVs catching fire increases in the summer season.

In this article, we will discuss this question and try to provide you with the best possible answers so that you do not lose your electric vehicle to fire as others did. For you to save your electric vehicles from fire, you need to understand why they catch on fire.

The summer season is the worst time of the year for electric vehicles as it is the hottest season of the year and creates problems for electric vehicles, especially electric scooters. Here are some tips that you can follow so that you can save electric vehicles from a fire.

Solutions to Save Electric Vehicles From Fire:

Park your EVs in Shades:

We have a bad habit of parking our vehicles wherever we find an open space, even if it is in presence of direct sunlight and this leads to many problems. Electric vehicles were introduced late to the market and people were using petroleum-driven bikes more. So this has influenced the mindset of new EVs owners who were using other vehicles at first. They still think it is similar to parking your engine vehicles but there is a huge difference, other vehicles do not use batteries to generate power and people must understand this.

Most of the time we park our vehicle direct under the sunlight which heats up the battery of the vehicle if it is under sunlight for more than 2 hours. EVs batteries can tolerate much heat if we keep on parking them under sunlight in the summer season so try to find a place where you can find shadows and park your vehicle there. When you don’t find such places, don’t park your EV in presence of sunlight for a half-hour. This will help you keep your vehicle batteries cool thus you save electric vehicles from a fire.

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Regular Battery checkup:

“Check your battery regularly”, this sentence might seem cliche but this is one the best ways for you to save electric vehicles from a fire. As we all know, the main reason an EV catch fire is because of some problems that may have been raised in the battery so regular checkup on the battery makes us informed about any small damage or issues with its wiring.

We all like to disregard the small problem in batteries and tend to move on with it because we think we go to our service provider when we face a huge problem but we should understand that the first seem small issues lead to the big problems. So, if you find any small problem with your batteries during a regular checkup of yours then take your vehicle to a mechanic and tell them to solve the issue.

Do not over Charge EVs:

People have a habit of overcharging their EVs just like their smartphones. We all know that when we overcharge our smartphone battery, it degrades the performance of the battery in long and similar is the case for EVs. Plug out your EV from the charging port when it reaches 100% because overcharging creates a heating problem in batteries and this leads to the ignition of the fire. So be wise while charging your EVs because the correct charging pattern can save electric vehicles from a fire.

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Be careful when you charge your EV after a long drive:

You have to be cautious about your EV scooters catching fire and the solutions need to save electric vehicles from a fire when you go on a long drive. We love going on a long drive with our friends and family whenever we get free time in our busy life. Long drives are beautiful and create memories but for EVs, it is a completely different case, as we go on a long drive it increases the toll on our EVs battery and it gets heated up as most of the batteries are made of lithium ions.

As we reach our destination we directly try to recharge our car for the next day but it is not good for our batteries because lithium ions gets heated after going on a long tour or drive. When we immediately charge it, this causes the battery to be damaged and is more prone to fires. So whenever you come from a long drive, let your EV battery cool for a brief amount of time before recharging it.

Be cautious about roads, charging cable and standard of batteries:

If you are an EV owner and love to go on offroad trips then you need to be very careful when you drive your vehicle on such roads in the summer season. The tolerance level of lithium batteries is low for vibration and as we run our vehicle on muddy, dirt, or damaged roads, it will increase the vibration in your car or scooter battery and would lead to heating up of your batteries so be cautious while driving around rough roads. Running your EV on smooth roads will save electric vehicles from a fire proneness.

We neglect how important it is to have compatible and right elements for the safety of our vehicles. If you own an EV then do not compromise with the charging cables that the company provides to you because they are made keeping vehicle compatibility in their while production. Do not use homemade wires to charge your EVs as it increases the chance of the vehicle being damaged and catching fire.

From our discussion up to this point, I think you are crystal clear on how much batteries are prone to fire and how much they are important for EVs. We like to buy low-cost EVs but while buying them you need to be aware of the fact that when they are less expensive, there is a high chance they might have compromised with the standard of your vehicle batteries. So be cautious while buying an EV and check for its battery quality.

When we follow all of the above points in the season of summer while driving our EVs, there is a high chance we will be able to save electric vehicles from a fire. Being careful and cautious about owning vehicles is the biggest way to save our EVs from being memories of the past just because they caught fire.


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